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The SANY SY335 Excavator is both powerful and fuel-efficient, making it the ideal choice for all your earthmoving projects. This SY335 Excavator features a powerful Isuzu diesel engine that provides 190.5 kW of power and fuel efficiency savings. The SY335 also features SANY’s optimized positive flow hydraulics, which improves operating efficiency by up to 5%. With a bucket capacity of 1.5 m³, the SY335 is perfect for any heavy-duty excavation project.

The customized engine, auto deceleration system, strengthened structure, make the SY335 an efficient and robust machine for medium-sized earth and stonework.

Operating Weight 34 300 kg
Standard Bucket Capacity 1.5 m3
Rated Power 190.5 kW


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Premium Productivity

Powerful, robust and reliable powertrain & hydraulic components are applied for the most demanding applications. Selectable working modes match machine performance to the application, maximizing productivity.

Super Long Service Life

Through the accumulation of 15 years of experience and the “three-in-one” design and test system for large excavators of SANY, the operating life is more than 15,000H under mining working conditions.

Super High Adaptability

Anti-corrosion coating, Independent extra-large radiator, High-capacity Multi-stage Filtration System.

Intelligent System

Operation interface upgrade, intelligent operation interface of fashion technology, simpler and more convenient.

Lower Fuel Consumption

Optimized positive flow hydraulics improve operating efficiency by up to 5% and fuel efficiency by up to 10%.


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