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This small excavator also offers the operator best-in-class comfort and a safe working environment. Easy serviceability and simplified maintenance also result in higher machine uptime. The Advanced remote monitoring system called SANY EVI helps track various operating parameters of the machine.

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The Dynamic Optimization Matching Control System (DOMCS) intelligently matches the engine system and hydraulic drive system, improving working efficiency and reducing fuel consumption.
The self-developed load sensing system achieves a constant overall power by varying the force of each pump, ensuring complete control and operating accuracy.

The variable operating modes include heavy-duty mode, standard mode, light-duty mode and break mode, allowing the machine to be ready for versatile operations in any environment.

Remote error diagnosis gives the feedback in real-time, helping solve problems without delay.

The ear plates have been redesigned to reduce stress at the joint. The boom passes certified tests including working for long hours and digging in harsh environments.

The bucket has been designed to make it suitable for multiple working conditions. Durability is enhanced with the anti-wear and thickened plates on the bucket bottom, so that no damage is caused to the bucket during field digging (soil and rock mixture).

Reinforced plates that are welded on the two main beams of the swing platform increase resistance to bending. Made of top-grade steel and formed through punching, the beams are designed with a D-shaped structure and strengthen the platform.

The SY140C offers a user-friendly design with an innovative large cab with large windows on three sides to provide a wide view. The ergonomically designed joysticks and chair provide a comfort experience for the operator.

This excavator offers a high-quality air conditioner with multiple air outlets at different levels and locations to provide a better cooling effect. All air outlets can be adjusted as desired.

The cab is equipped with an innovative silicone rubber shock absorber. This shock absorber is fixed to the swing platform in four points that minimizes the shock, increasing cab stability and improving operator comfort.


Operating Weight: 14 000 kg
Standard Bucket Capacity: 0.72 m3
Rated Power: 72.7 kW
Engine: Isuzu 4BG1


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