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SANY SMG 200 Road Grader, a pinnacle of power, precision, and efficiency. Boasting a robust mechanical motor grader with a Dongfeng Cummins engine, it delivers both exceptional performance and low exhaust emissions.

The engine’s variable horsepower technology ensures optimal efficiency across varying load conditions. Automatic regulation of pump flow based on load conditions enhances fuel economy, while its smart cooling system optimizes cooling system operating temperature with continuously variable fan speed. Elevate your road grading capabilities with the SMG 200 and revolutionise your roadwork experience today.


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Engine with Variable Power Function

· For SMG200, a Cummins QSC8.3 engine with a variable power function can automatically match different curves according to the actual load. Guarantee the best efficiency on other load conditions. (SMG200 only)

Direct Drive Transmission

· Power shift transmission developed by the SANY international R&D team(members from China, America, and Japan) has eight forward and six reverse gears, and its efficient and responsive power performance can meet all kinds of heavy load conditions.

Hydraulic Control Differential Lock / Multi-disc Brake Drive Axle

· Hydraulic control differential lock can provide enough traction in poor underfoot conditions.

· Hydraulic control multi-disc brakes are applied on service and parking brakes, which have excellent brake performance and low maintenance frequency because of the sealed structure.

Circle Drive with Overload Protection

· Circle drive with an overload protection function can prevent the machine from sudden impact when the moldboard encounters a massive obstacle during operation.

All-sealed Circle with Slewing Bearing Structure

· A full-sealed slewing bearing structure can protect the circle from dirt and dust, achieving higher operation accuracy and 10000h service life than a traditional wear plate structure.

Load Sensing Hydraulic System

· Load-sensing variable displacement pumps can adjust the displacement based on the cylinders’ load to reduce power consumption.

· A proportional priority pressure-compensating valve can achieve accurate and simultaneous multi-cylinder motion.

Excellent Operation Visibility

· During operation, it is easy to see the moldboard, tires, and behind the machine.

Adjustable Suspension Seat

· Adjustable mechanical suspension seat significantly reduces the vibration to the operator and improves comfort.

Hexahedron Cab

· The Hexahedron cab structure provides an excellent view of blade operation. (SMG200C-8 only)

Hydraulic Electric Control Joysticks

· Equipped with electro-hydraulic joysticks, which integrate the steering and operation function of the grader, joysticks and the steering wheel can independently steer to ensure driving safety. (SMG200C-8 only)


· Large engine doors on both sides provide easy access for maintenance and service.


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