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Reach Truck 1.8 to 2t, 7 Series Plus

Reach Truck 1.8 to 2t, 7 Series Plus

The 7-Series Plus Reach Truck Experience offers precise, efficient movements with simultaneous hydraulic control for lifting, reaching, and side-shifting. Packed with safety features, AC technology, and 360° steering, it’s perfect for any warehouse. The latest AC motors deliver powerful performance and high uptime.


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Curtis AC Controller

The IP 65 Curtis AC controllers provide an unbeatable combination of power, performance and


  • Driving and hydraulics are controlled by a AC controller to deliver fast and powerful performance.
  • Reduced operating costs are achieved by the elimination of motor brushes, commutators, directional, and hydraulic contactors.
  • Energy consumption efficiency translates into more run time per battery charge.

Front Camera (Optional)

The front camera is strategically positioned behind the fork to provide a wider view.

Height Indicator and Pre-Height Selector (Optional)

Choose from up to eight pre-set heights, and the truck will lift up to the selected height automatically.

Optimized Lift/Reach Control

The lifting controls have been optimized to provide precise and fast lifting in high speed, controlled tasks. The in-out delay of the reach function has also been minimized for more responsive operating.

IP43 Rated Enclosed Motor

All drive/pump/steering motors are IP43 rated.

ZF Transfer

The patented hypoid bevel gear set reduces heat and wear, resulting in extended oil change intervals

Durable Tires

The highly durable Stellana poly urethane tire provides the premium performance necessary for heavy-duty applications.

Water-Proof Electric Connection

The electrical connections are sealed with silicone to prevent water penetration and potential short circuits.


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