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Electric Forklifts 2 to 3.2t, 4 Wheel – 7 Series

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Bobcat’s 2-3.2t 7-Series 4-wheel electric forklifts are designed for ease of use and productivity and come equipped with a host of ergonomic and safety features. With a rugged transaxle, oil-cooled disc brakes (ODB), a reliable AC controller for smooth performance, and excellent all-around visibility, these machines will boost your productivity.

Enhanced Visibility

The wider mast window, neatly arranged hydraulic hoses and chains, and flat overhead guard ensure a clear view of the surroundings, including forward, upward, and to the load.
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Curtis AC Controller

Curtis AC controllers provide an unbeatable combination of power, performance and


  • Driving and hydraulics are controlled by a AC controller to deliver fast and powerful performance.
  • Reduced operating costs are achieved by the elimination of motor brushes, commutators, directional, and hydraulic contactors.
  • Energy consumption efficiency translates into more run time per battery charge.


Rugged Transaxle

The transaxle efficiently transfers the power and torque from the drive motor to the final drive for seamless and quiet operation.


IP54 Dust and Water Protection (Optional)

The IP54 rating protects the motor and its components against liquids from any direction, even in the rain.*Drive motor IP54 / Hydraulic motor IP20.


Smart Acceleration & Braking

For more efficient acceleration and braking, initial speeds are reduced to ensure safe and comfortable movement, while acceleration during mid and high-speeds is increased to enhance operational productivity; additionally, braking pedal effort is decreased.


LED Lights

Brighter and longer lasting than traditional sealed beams or halogen lights.


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