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Electric Empty Container handler ECG70

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With rising fuel costs and tougher emissions standards, you need an eco-efficient solution that will address these issues head-on. The Kalmar all-electric Empty Container Handler ECG70-35E3/E4, the first of its kind available, will lower your fuel costs and help you exceed emissions standards today and in the future, without compromising on operational power. With the ability to stack up to 4 high and a choice of battery technologies, you will get a clean lift every time.


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Technical information

Technical info Technical information
Lifting capacity (kg)
Wheel base (mm)
Cab options
EGO cabin
Stacking height
max 4-4
Power source
Lead Acid or Lithium-Ion
Stage emission
EU Stage 5
Speed control
High frequency MOSFET, AC – Stepless
Single stacking 3-3 or 4-4

A clean lift every time.

With rising fuel costs and tougher emissions standards, your business needs an eco-efficient solution that will significantly reduce your fuel costs and cut your emissions.

Our electrically powered Empty Container Handers or Top Loaders are the first of their kind, lowering your fuel costs and helping you exceed emissions standards today and in the future, without compromising on operational power. Kalmar’s Electric Empty Container Handlers can stack up to four high and come with a choice of battery technologies, each giving you a clean carbon emission free lift every time.


Efficient and highly productive.

Buying an electric empty container handler doesn’t mean compromising on power, as electric drivetrains provide full torque immediately and are smoother to operate. This makes operating cycles shorter, which will increase the number of containers you can move and handle every hour.


A better driving experience.

Our Electric Empty Container Handlers have our ergonomically designed EGO cabin fitted as standard. This cabin has been built to provide a superior driving experience for your operators.

Your driver will be happier and more comfortable with:

  • Adjustable control panels, steering wheel and seat, which can also be rotated with the push of a button
  • Slimline B-Pillars provide an exceptional level of visibility, making the machine safer to operate, especially in busy environments

What choice of batteries for my electric empty container handler do I have?

Kalmar offers two types of battery technology to power your equipment, Lead Acid and Lithium-Ion. You will need to decide which of these is the most suited to your business based on your work cycles and container lifting needs.


What is the difference between the two battery options?

Lead Acid batteries are a self-contained solution where the batteries need to be removed and charged in a safe, ventilated space. Once fully charged, Lead-Acid batteries can be re-fitted to your electric empty container handler using a forklift. Lead Acid batteries feature:


  • Last for 1,200 to 1,400 cycles
  • Battery efficiency – 70%
  • Generally removed to be fully charged
  • Requires a ventilated charging space
  • Requires some regular maintenance
  • Additional batteries required for multi-shift operation
  • Charging time – 8 hours full charge.


Lithium-Ion batteries are permanently fitted to your electric empty container handler and can be charged just like you would charge an electric car. This simple plug and charge technology can be used to fully charge the batteries between shifts or charge your batteries during idle time or breaks, this is called opportunity charging. Lithium-Ion batteries feature:


  • Last for 2,400-4,000 cycles
  • Battery efficiency – 95%
  • Is charged in-situ
  • Does not require a ventilated space
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Can be opportunity charged for multi-shift operation
  • Charging time – estimated 1% per one minute – dependant on charging solution chosen


Three different performance levels to choose from.

To help you manage your energy consumption levels Kalmar’s Electric Empty Container Handler has three different drive modes to choose from:


  • Economy. If total cost of operations outweighs the need for performance, Economy mode reduces fuel consumption by up to 15%.
  • Normal: Balances power and economy to optimise profitability.
  • Power. Brings maximum performance out of your machine, allowing you to increase the number of tonnes moved per hour.

How can benefit from our electric empty container handlers?

Kalmar’s Electric Empty Container Handlers offer many additional benefits to producing zero carbon emissions at source. Here are just a few:


  • All our electric empty container handlers are extremely quiet to operate, making it better for your drivers and ideal for operating in built up areas, where excessive noise may be a concern.
  • Electrically powered solutions benefit from less moving parts and lower rates of wear and tear than diesel powered machines, lowering your maintenance costs and effort.
  • As electricity can be cheaper than diesel fuel, your fuel bills will be substantially reduced the moment you start using your new electrically powered empty container handler.
  • Electrically powered solutions are also easier to drive, and provide a much smoother driving experience, which will reduce stress and strain on your driver’s body.
    Built on our common platform you will benefit from proven technology that is already powering our electric forklift and terminal tractor solutions.

Where do I get parts and support for my electric empty container handler?

Kalmar Services offers a full range of spare parts and service contracts to keep your electric empty container handler moving. You can order parts quickly and easily through MyParts, Kalmar’s parts web store no matter where you are in the world. We have thousands of items on-hand including tyres, servicing, and filter kits, to name a few.


Can I monitor the performance of my electric empty container handler?

Kalmar Insight provides you with operational information direct from your electric empty container handler in real-time to review and analyse, allowing you to take action that will help improve your overall operations immediately. Kalmar Insight can also help you manage maintenance tasks across your fleet more effectively with the Kalmar Insight Maintenance Module. To find out more click here.


What is the difference between a masted container handler and an empty container handler?

Our electric empty container handlers are known by different names in different parts of the world, they are known as empty or masted containers handlers or top picks. They are all exactly the same machine.


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