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Reach Truck 1.3 to 2.5t, 9 Series

Reach Truck 1.3 to 2.5t, 9 Series

Unlock exceptional performance with our 9-Series Reach Truck. Equipped with an advanced stability system this truck delivers stability and speed without compromising safety. The human-centered design eases the workload with easy get on and off, smooth steering, and unparalleled visibility, thanks to the patented fork camera system with color display and glass roof.


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Performance and Productivity

Optimized Lift/Reach Control

The lifting controls have been optimized to provide precise and fast lifting in high speed, controlled tasks. The in-out delay of the reach function has also been minimized for more responsive operating.


ZF Transfer

The patented hypoid bevel gear set reduces heat and wear, resulting in extended oil change intervals


Smart Acceleration & Braking

For more efficient acceleration and braking, initial speeds are reduced to ensure safe and comfortable movement, while acceleration during mid and high-speeds is increased to enhance operational productivity; additionally, braking pedal effort is decreased.


4-Link Suspension

The suspension absorbs vibrations and shocks, delivering a more comfortable driving experience regardless of the road surface conditions.


IP43 Rated Enclosed Motor

All drive/pump/steering motors are IP43 rated.


Vulkollan Tires

The highly wear-resistant Vulkollan tires guarantee a long lifespan, even in demanding environments.


Hydraulic Scale (Optional)

Simply weigh cargo by lifting with hydraulic scale; the weight is then marked on

the display.


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