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Booster Screw Compressors

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Ozen OBS Series of Booster Screw Compressors

High-pressure booster air compressors are used in various industries that require high pressure applications, generally 40 Bar. The OBS Series of booster screw compressors from Özen are equipped with high-detection capability sensors and cutting-edge equipment for continuous measurement. A state-of-the-art electronic control system monitors and protects OBS Series Screw Compressors without the need for user help.

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The Benefits of Using Booster Screw Compressors

Due to the long-lasting build quality, the OBS Series Booster Screw Compressors guarantee safe and trouble-free operation. Some of the features and advantages include;

  • Just locate, and run immediately
  • Low working noise levels
  • Cool down by air, no requirement for separate cooling
  • 40 Bar at Manometer
  • Long maintenance intervals

Our Range of Booster Screw Compressors

The OBS Series Booster Screw Compressor range offers users significant opportunities to keep their compressed air costs low. Energy loss is further minimised by using an inverter control of the screw booster.

The inverter-controlled models offer a direct drive system with two component shafts which connect each other without requiring any gear arrangement in between. The direct connection also eliminates all possible transmission losses.

Take a look at the range of models available in the OBS Series now:


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