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Sullair Open-Frame-Family

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Open Frame Design

  • Designed for stationary applications
  • Heavy duty frame with mounting feet
  • Fluid containment within frame and
    remote drain valves
  • Single point lifting bail
  • Unit provided with quick connect
    couplings for remote fuel tanks
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COMPASS® Electronic Engine Control Gauges
and LCD Graphic Display indicate:

  • Discharge pressure and
  • Ambient air temperature
  • Separator restriction
  • Aftercooler air temperature and
    louver activation (if equipped) (approach
    temperature on AC machines)
  • Engine speed, hours of operation,
    coolant level and temperature
  • Voltage
  • Fuel level, usage rate, pressure
    and temperature
  • Percent engine load
  • Engine air temperature and
    oil pressure
  • Compressor and engine status
  • Engine diagnostic service port
  • Displays diagnostic messages
  • Shutdown history for all monitored
    system parameters

    Indicator Lights for:

  • Low fuel
  • High compressor temperature
  • Compressor shutdown and warning
  • Engine shutdown and warning
  • Dual Capacity/Dual Pressure

    0 to 100% Capacity Control

  • Automatic inlet valve and
    unloaded starting
  • HPL1500 Compressor Fluid

  • Two distinct compressor models
    in one package
  • Two-stage air end achieves dual
  • Best-in-Class 1500-hour change
  • Resists sludge and varnish


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