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T870 Compact Track Loader

The T870 is the largest-ever Bobcat® compact track loader. With a lift height of 12 ft., the T870 is the highest-lifting compact track loader on the market. It’s ideal if you load over hay wagons, mortar mixers or tandem axle trucks with side boards. You can easily stack brick, blocks and other palletized materials.


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5-Link Torsion Suspension Undercarriage

Advanced engineering and quality components on the 5-Link torsion suspension undercarriage work together to give you a better ride. Forged steel idlers guide and support the track. Solid, cast front rollers and idler mounts distribute stress across the entire system. An additional pivot point improves ride quality and absorbs jobsite stress and vibration. And a unique fifth link in the system acts like independent suspension.

Overall Loader Performance Advantages

Bobcat® loaders will meet your high expectations for performance, every time you use them. The design, balance and weight distribution have been perfected to deliver more usable horsepower, powerful breakout forces and faster cycle times. With a Bobcat loader you can work quicker, lift more and outperform your competition.

Durable Track System

Bobcat track systems are designed for simplicity and durability – andyou won’t find a tougher track system on the market! The forged steel idlers and steel imbed tracks are built for the longest-possible service life with minimal maintenance. And to gaurantee you more uptime, the solid-mounted drive motors and hydraulic hoses are better protected from debris, snags, vibrations, rubbing, mud and sticks.

Choice of Controls

Everyone is different, so which controls are best for you? Bobcat offers all the common loader control patterns that let you choose between control styles with the flip of a switch. Choose from the popular Bobcat Standard Controls or the exclusive Selectable Joystick Controls (SJC) that supports the labor-saving Bobcat Remote Control, and the innovative Bobcat Max Control.

Selectable Joystick Controls

It’s easy to see why Bobcat Selectable Joystick Controls (SJC) is becoming the most popular control choice among operators. Our low-effort joysticks are loaded with Bobcat-exclusive features and fingertip switches to help you control your loader and attachments more easily and comfortably. No other joystick in the industry even comes close to delivering the level of customisation and control you’ll find with SJC. We put the power in your hands!

Undercarriage Options

Bobcat offers you a choice of undercarriages, to suit your work conditions and preferences. The standard Bobcat solid-mounted undercarriage is highly dependable in all soft conditions – such as mud, sand, manure, dirt soil – and protects your machine. The optional Roller Suspension™ system with all-steel components gives you added comfort without sacrificing durability.

Roller Suspension™ System

When you operate a Bobcat® Compact Track Loader with the Roller Suspension™ system you experience a new level of comfort. The undercarriage system’s smooth ride coupled with easier turning, less vibration and lower noise level helps you stay in the seat longer and get more work done. The all-steel components increase comfort without sacrificing durability. Rollers are suspended by high-strength steel leaf springs to reduce vibration and improve comfort, even in the harshest working conditions.

Rubber Track Option

Raise the performance of your compact loader with Bobcat and EarthForce™ rubber tracks. These tracks are manufactured with a combination of natural and synthetic rubbers to maximise wear, so they can withstand even the toughest environments. By distributing the weight over a larger surface area, these tracks also give you a smoother, more comfortable ride without compromising your loader’s capabilities.


The optional M-Series Deluxe Instrumentation Panel brings the latest advances in communication, monitoring, productivity and control to your Bobcat® skid-steer loader or compact track loader. It monitors key loader functions, communicates alerts and provides additional attachment information to track usage. Using the ultra-sharp LCD screen and simple interface, you will be able to access data and helpful notifications to keep your loader operating at peak capacity with maximum uptime.


Panoramic Serviceability

No other loaders are as easy to access for maintenance and servicing as Bobcat® skid-steer loaders (SSL) and compact track loaders (CTL). You receive easy, full access to the engine checks and fills, filters and battery. Unlike other brands, you do not need to raise the lift arms to service the machine. So you can spend your time completing maintenance work, rather than struggling to gain access.

Grease Point Access

Bobcat makes maintenance simpler and faster with easy-to-access grease point locations on critical pivot points. So you don’t have to lie on the ground or stand on the wheels or tracks to grease the pins.

Hydraulic Oil Site Gauge

You can check your hydraulic oil level quickly and easily as you walk by your machine. Always keep an eye on hydraulic oil levels and simplify your daily checks.

Transverse Engine and Belt Drive

Bobcat® loaders can be serviced from one side thanks to the exclusive belt-drive system. This durable technology with a multi-groove Kevlar™ belt allows your loader engine to run slower, which reduces noise and gives your machine longer durability. This optimised engine-to-pump package is also more efficient.

Uptime Protection

Machine Protection

With Bobcat® skid-steer loaders (SSL) and compact track loaders (CTL), you’re ready for almost anything that you could possibly encounter on the jobsite. The radiator and hydraulic oil cooler are protected from danger, while hoses are routed through the loader arms and frame uprights for extra protection. Quick couplers are mounted directly into the front plate of the lift arm. The solid-steel tailgate has no cooling holes or other openings for intrusions that could damage the machine.

Uptime Protection

The Bobcat reputation for reliable equipment and maximum uptime protects your own reputation for timely, productive work. These better-built loaders rely on a range of features that help minimise maintenance and protect your machine: machine shutdown protection, self-diagnostics, battery run-down protection, cold weather protection and other features. What’s more, Bobcat skid-steer loaders feature the industry’s only maintenance-free chaincase, which further reduces maintenance and gives you added peace of mind.

Simple Machine Tie-Downs

You can secure your Bobcat skid-steer loader or compact track loader quickly, without having to search for hard-to-reach tie-downs. The tie-downs are easy to locate and use.


Premium Comfort

You’ll feel so comfortable and at-home in the cab of your Bobcat® skid-steer loader (SSL) or compact track loader (CTL) that you won’t want to leave it! You’ll particularly appreciate the premium features and operator-friendly design. View your work area more easily, work at a pleasant temperature, sit comfortably and stay fresh with minimal fatigue. Many comfort options found in Bobcat loaders aren’t even available on other machines.

Improved Visibility

For safety and increased efficiency, Bobcat® skid-steer loader (SSL) and compact track loader (CTL) cabs are designed for the best possible all-around visibility. As you grade next to a building or load the machine on a trailer, you’ll gain better sight lines for easier and faster operation. You can easily see the bucket corners and cutting edge from your seat. Your tracks or tyres are also visible without raising the loader arms.

Operator-Friendly Controls

You’ll find it easier to work for longer and perform precise work with the time-tested operator friendly controls on Bobcat® skid-steer loaders and compact track loaders. 1) The engine speed control is conveniently located in front of you. 2) The fingertip controls simplify the operation of Bobcat attachments such as soil conditioners, sweepers, tillers, buckets and grapples. 3) You can adjust the foot pedals to suit your preferences.

Seat Options and Adjustments

A comfortable seat helps you work better and feel less tired at the end of the day. Bobcat® skid-steer loaders and compact track loaders provide Selectable Joystick Controls(SJC) that move with the seat. You can make forward and backward seat adjustments as you wish, or try optional “air ride” suspension seats. Also, you can get a heated seat option, or choose from different seat cloths for your maximum comfort.

More Room

Every time you enter or exit a Bobcat® skid-steer loaders (SSL) or compact track loaders (CTL), you’re less likely to bump your head, snag your mobile phone or scrape your back. Feel what a difference the largest entry/exit area makes; and once inside, you’ll really appreciate the extra space of the wider cab.

Pressurised Cab

In your line of work, you have to dive right in – where the dirt, dust, mud and debris are at their worst. That’s why you need a Bobcat loader – our enclosed cabs have a best-in-class pressurised interior space that keeps down dust to a minimum, keeping you clean and comfortable. The one-piece seal and unique, curved door pocket ensure that you enjoy the best-possible protection. Keep warm air in the cab during cold weather, and ensure that cool air keeps you comfortable on hot days.

Attachment Versatility

Power Bob-Tach

With the optional Power Bob-Tach™ mounting system, you can swap non-hydraulic attachments without even leaving your seat. Just press a dash switch – it engages the wedges into the attachment. The system locks the levers and keeps the attachment secure. This system is also the fastest method to connect hydraulic attachments to your loader because all you have to do is hook up the hoses after you have secured the attachment.


With the standard Bob-Tach® mounting system you can change an attachment on your loader in less than a minute. So you can easily use different attachments – bucket, auger, landscape rake, grapple and many others – throughout your day. Developed more than 35 years ago, the Bob-Tach system is time-tested.


The optional M-Series Deluxe Instrumentation Panel brings the latest advances in communication, monitoring, productivity and control to your Bobcat® skid-steer loader or compact track loader. It monitors key loader functions, communicates alerts and provides additional attachment information to track usage. Using the ultra-sharp LCD screen and simple interface, you will be able to access data and helpful notifications to keep your loader operating at peak capacity with maximum uptime.


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