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Ozen OFL-Series Flanged Air Filters

Our range of air compressor filters have features and specifications that are fit for purpose for most
industrial applications. The Ozen OFL-Series range of air filters have been stringently tested as per
ISO 8573-1 standards which is internationally recognised as the highest safety standard needed.


Air Compressor Filters for Sale

At Goscor Compressed Air Systems we stock a range of compressed air line filters from a world-class brand, Ozen. The Ozen OFL Series of Compressed Air Line Filters helps to clean and dry compressed air that contains oil, water and hydrocarbons. Also, using an air compressor filter offers corrosion protection and prevents clogging in machinery and equipment which works with compressed air.

Why Use Air Compressor Filters For Your Compressed Air System?

Compressed air, produced by compressors, contains varying amounts of oil, water and hydrocarbon. Before use, compressed air must be filtered correctly according to process requirements. Air compressor airline filters, filter the compressed air that contains contaminants into clean and dry air. Compressed air passes through the compressor line filter to stop any debris or particles. It will only allow clean, dry air to pass out. It is important to use these kinds of filters for industrial and manufacturing work as it ensures a more enhanced health and safety environment.


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