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Kalmar T2i Terminal Tractor

The Kalmar T2i is our smartest terminal tractor yet, as we have found many clever ways to improve your drivers’ operating experience and the T2i’s operational productivity. You can expect reduced cabin noise, smoother gear changing and more responsive steering and braking, enabling your drivers to operate their terminal tractor more efficiently in any type of conditions. Plus, with improved hydraulics, your drivers will be able to move loads quicker, with faster lifting and lowering speeds of the 5th wheel.


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Technical information

Technical info Specifications
Wheel base (mm)
2950, 3200, 3450
Lifting Height
Kalmar, Meritor

Added peace of mind.

For added peace of mind, we have extended our warranties on both the machine and its frame and you get free access to Kalmar Insight for two years. This gives you full visibility of your fleet’s performance so that you can continually optimise your operations and plan your maintenance activities effectively. An additional option is also available where service packs can be ordered and delivered automatically based on your terminal tractor’s operating hours. Reducing downtime and improving availability.

The Kalmar T2i Terminal Tractor provides you with complete peace of mind, is better for your drivers, and can be operated more efficiently in any type of condition.

A complete package.

Our Kalmar T2i Terminal Tractor comes as a complete package, so you don’t need to worry about a thing:

  • 2 years of free access to Kalmar Insight to monitor your entire fleet.
  • 2 years/6,000 hours standard warranty on your T2i terminal tractor.
  • 7 years or 10,000 hours extended warranty on your T2i’s frame.

Better for your drivers.

  • Smoother ride
  • Excellent visibility
  • Easy and safe access
  • Improved cabin environment

More efficient to operate.

  • Updated transmission software for smoother gear changing
  • Re-designed brake pedal for more balanced braking
  • 45% less steering resistance for a more even ride and less bumps
  • Improved hydraulic systems for faster lifting and lowering rates.

Up to 90% less CO2 emission with HVO100 fuel.

Kalmar T2i Terminal Tractors fitted with a Cummins engine are certified to use HVO100 fuel which can reduce your carbon emission by up to 90%. If you own an older certified machine, you just need to discuss with your local Kalmar support team if your equipment needs a minor upgrade or if it is ready to start using HVO100 straight away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Kalmar T2i Terminal Tractor so smart?

The Kalmar T2i Yard or Shunt Truck has many clever improvements that will help improve the performance of your drivers and equipment. With smoother gear changing, improved braking, better steering and faster lifting and lower speeds you will notice a real difference.

What will Kalmar Insight tell me about my Terminal Tractor?

Kalmar Insight provides real time performance information on your T2i Terminal Tractor so you can continually improve your drivers and machines performance and manage your maintenance activities.

Has safety been improved with the Kalmar T2i Terminal Tractor?

Our T2i Terminal Tractor comes with FOPS (falling object protection structure) and ROPS (roll over protection structure) fitted as standard. We have improved reversing visibility so your drivers can see exactly what is happening behind them, and with smoother braking and steering, your drivers will feel in more control.

What is the load capacity of the T2i yard truck?

The T2i Terminal Tractor has lifting heights from 430mm to 1000mm with lifting capacities from 20T to 32T. There are two different 5th wheels available with lifting capacities of 23,000 and 36,000KG’s.

What does my Kalmar T2i Terminal Tractor warranty cover?

The Kalmar T2i Terminal Tractor comes with a standard 2 year/6000 hour warranty and a 7 year/10,000 hour warranty for the frame. Kalmar also offers a full range of service packages and genuine parts to keep your terminal tractor operating optimally, minimising downtime and maximising availability levels.

What is the difference between a Terminal Tractor, Yard Truck Shunt Truck?

At Kalmar we refer to Shunt and Yard Trucks as Terminal Tractors, they are exactly the same just called different names in different countries. Globally we refer to this type of equipment as a terminal tractor.


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