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Kalmar Reachstacker for empty and semi-laden container handling DRG100-140

Precise, safe and able to work in confined spaces.

The Kalmar Reachstacker DRG100-140 for empty and semi-laden containers can handle loads up to 14 tonnes, stacking them up to eight high and three deep. This reach stacker is able to handle a wide variety of containers precisely and safely even in confined spaces.


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Technical information

Technical info Kalmar DRG100-140
Lifting capacity (kg)
Wheel base (mm)
Cab options
Stacking (toplift)
max 8 high, 3 deep
Volvo 185 kW
Stage emission
EU3/Tier 3, EU4/Tier 4F, EU5
Dana LTE-14400

Which type of loads can this reach stacker handle?

The Kalmar Reachstacker for empty and semi-laden container handling can move all types of containers.

Listed here are the container types you will be able to lift with a Kalmar DRG 100-140 Reachstacker:

  • Standard ISO containers 20 ft – 40 ft and pick-up in 40 ft position for 45 ft – 56 ft sizes.
  • Standard ISO heights 4 ft – 9 ft 6 in or special 10 ft 6 in.
  • Reefer containers 20 ft – 40 ft (45 ft pick-up in 40 ft position).
  • Tank containers 20 ft – 30 ft.
  • Flat racks 20 ft – 40 ft.
  • Slinged load in 4 lift hooks.

A great performer in confined spaces.

A reach stacker like the Kalmar DRG100-140 adds another dimension to empty and semi-laden container handling. Containers can be transported at full width, turned 45° and lengthwise at 90°, making it possible to deliver “end-on” into and through low workshop doors, port sheds and other tight openings.

Operators don’t have to pick up containers at a right-angle, allowing your operators to increase efficiency and handling speed during yard stacking, loading of road trucks or container repairs in comparison to a fixed mast empty container handler.

The Kalmar Reachstacker for empty and semi-laden container handling is the only reach stacker in the market that offers these smart functions.

Safe and exceptionally stable.

Our range of empty and semi-laden container handlers have proven themselves in the field and have shown to be robust, reliable and safe machines and this Kalmar Reachstacker for empty and semi-laden containers is no exception.

There are many reasons why this is the ideal reach stacker to handle your empty or semi-laden containers:

  • This reach stacker has the best combined lift capacity in rows 1-2-3
  • Can stack up to 8 containers high in the first row
  • The reach stacker’s spreader has the biggest side shift, 4 extra lift hooks, front and reverse tilts, twist lock status indicators, dual rotation motors and brakes, and a complete LED lamp kit fitted as a standard.

This reach stacker offers full flexibility with full rotation, large side shift and tilt to allow you to both transport and perform services, maintenance, repairs and cleaning of containers and tanks with maximum efficiency. Low and narrow workshop doors don’t present a problem for these reach stackers – just turn the container lengthwise and drive inside.

Better for your drivers, better for your business.

The Kalmar EGO cabin, fitted on all of our empty and semi-laden container handlers, provides an ergonomically designed environment that will help improve the performance of your drivers – helping to minimise driver fatigue and improve load handling rates.

Your drivers will experience:

  • An open cabin design features slim profiles, no A-pillars and a wide-curved, corner-wrapped windscreen, which provides exceptional visibility in all directions.
  • The windscreen is equipped with unique high-capacity double wipers and the roof with a single wiper. These dry and clean the surface to ensure great visibility even in wet and dirty conditions.
  • The main operation work console, switches and indicators for data display and machine control systems are logically organised and within easy reach.
  • The colour HMI display has been intuitively designed so your drivers know exactly what is always going on and can react without losing focus on their load.
  • With adjustable consoles, steering wheel and seat your driver can set the cabin up in the way that they need to work as effectively as possible.
  • Our standard Climate System is the most powerful on the market. It has the highest capacity heater, cooling and filtered airflow, to keep your drivers comfortable.

Four different models to choose from.

The Kalmar DRG 100-140 for empty or semi-laden container handling has four different models with different lifting capacities and capabilities.

Here is a list of the different models:

  • DRG100-54S6 can lift six high and place containers three deep up to 10 tonnes in weight.
  • DRG100-54S8 can lift eight high and place containers three deep up to 10 tonnes in weight.
  • DRG120-54S6 can lift six high and place containers three deep up to 12 tonnes in weight.
  • DRG140-54S6 can lift six high and place containers three deep up to 14 tonnes in weight.

You just need to choose which reach stacker is right for your container lifting and handling needs.

Eco-efficient by nature.

There are several ways you can cut your fuel costs and carbon emission with a Kalmar Reachstacker:

  • ECO Mode allows you to reduce fuel consumption and emission by up to 25%.
  • There is a range of options that will further cut fuel consumption and emissions by up to 10%, including Tyre Pressure Monitoring, Stop/Start Function and various Speed Limiters.
  • HVO fuel can be used, which will cut your emission by up to 90%.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can Kalmar help me maintain my reach stacker?

Kalmar is dedicated to helping keep you moving, which is why we have a full range of Kalmar Care Servicing packages that can be specifically tailored to your needs, plus, through our webstore MyKalmar, you will have access to a full range of genuine spare parts for your reach stacker, including service filter kits and a full range of tyres that can be ordered easily and delivered quickly.

Is it easy to service my reach stacker?

The Kalmar Reachstacker for empty and semi-laden container handling offers longer service and maintenance intervals, which will cut costs and increase availability levels. With safe and easy access servicing points, the time you spend servicing your reach stacker will be reduced, improving overall availability rates.

Can I monitor the performance of my reach stacker?

Kalmar Insight allows you to review your entire fleet’s activities, schedule maintenance and order the required parts automatically. All enabling you to act on real-time information, that will help improve your overall operations immediately. Kalmar Insight connectivity comes fitted and ready to be activated in all new Kalmar equipment and can be retrofitted into existing Kalmar equipment or those built by other manufacturers.


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