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Kalmar Heavy Electric Forklift Trucks 18-33 ton

Kalmar’s electrically powered forklift trucks can help improve the eco-efficiency of your operations while maintaining the highest levels of productivity and safety. The Kalmar Heavy Electric Forklift is ideal for lifting loads from 18-33 tonnes for the metal, forestry, concrete, automotive, energy and container handling sectors.


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Technical information

Technical info Information
Lifting capacity (kg)
Load centre (mm)
Wheel base (mm)
4000, 4250, 4750
Cab options
Power source [kWh]
Li-ion 163,245, 392

Frequently Asked Questions

Do electric forklifts deliver on power and productivity?

By combining a highly efficient electrically powered motor, with direct drive hydraulics you get a driveline combination that will deliver on power and productivity while producing zero carbon emissions at source, reducing your carbon footprint.

The complete system has been designed to minimise energy losses, and regenerative power from the braking system returns power to the batteries, further enhancing the overall efficiency of Kalmar’s Electric Forklift system.

How do I power my electric forklift?

Batteries and chargers are a big part of your overall investment, making it critical that you get a solution that is matched to your operational requirements. This is why Kalmar has taken a modular approach to our battery and charging solutions. There are:

  • four different charging solutions with charging capacities from 50-350 kW
  • three different Li-ion capacities to choose from.

Our battery solutions all come with a 5-year warranty and have an expected 10-12 year life*. Kalmar will help you work out which battery option and charging solution is right for your business based on your current work cycles.

How do I manage my batteries?

Kalmar’s Battery Monitoring System continually monitors the:

  • voltage
  • temperature
  • coolant
  • current flow.

This ensures your electrically powered forklift operates optimally over its lifetime. The system also controls the charging of the batteries by redirecting recovered energy back into the battery packs making sure you are using the power available as efficiently as possible.

How safe is my electric forklift?

With any electrically powered high voltage system you need to be extra safe which is why we have encased and shielded all high voltage lines. Should any connection be interrupted, the whole system will automatically shut down keeping your team safe. Kalmar has specifically designed a High Voltage training course to enhance the skills of your workers and keep them extra safe.

What can I lift with my heavy electric forklift?

Any load from 18-33 tonnes with the right mast and attachment fitted. Kalmar offers:

  • three different lifting masts
  • a range of forks and mounts
  • an extensive range of attachments for most of your heavy lifting requirements.

A Kalmar Electric Heavy Forklift is ideal for moving containers, slabs, billets, pipes, coils, lumber, pulp, biomass material, concrete, building material and parts.

Is it a forklift or a lift truck?

Forklifts, lift or forklift trucks or hoist lifts are just some of the names used for what we call forklifts. They are all exactly the same, just different names people use.

* First life measured as 80% capacity left in the battery.


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