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Kalmar Essential Terminal Tractor TL2

Our new Kalmar Essential Terminal Tractor TL2 has been designed by combining our local knowledge and insights with the accumulated knowledge of manufacturing over 70,000 terminal tractors since we established the category. In 1958 Kalmar built the first terminal tractor and has since stayed at the front of the market by focusing on delivering high-quality machines with innovative features that have a positive impact on the productivity of your business.

Our latest machine is built on our tested and proven platform, so you get a reliable and robust machine that can handle the harshest of conditions. Our Essential Terminal Tractor is built to last.


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Technical information

Technical info Specifications for TL2
Wheel base (mm)

Built on a proven platform.

With over 10,000 machines built globally on our tested and proven platform, you can expect a terminal tractor that is ready to take on your toughest tasks. Using our proven platform, you get a common electrical system and standardised control panels, making it easier for your driver to change machines.

Built tough.

You get a highly stable and robust bolted chassis design, which is easier and quicker to maintain, repair, or change than a welded chassis. This will reduce the time repairs take and are more flexible should you want to change the chassis in any way in the future.

Built to save you money.

Smart programming combined with our highly efficient driveline can reduce your overall fuel consumption by up to 15%, saving you money and reducing your carbon emissions substantially at the same time.

Built for comfort.

Our new Essential cabin has been designed to keep your drivers comfortable and in control, even when working in difficult situations. The cabin is fitted with an improved climate control system and has an adjustable seat and steering wheel to ensure your driver is happy and operating at their best.

Common electrical systems.

All our machines are built on a common platform with the same error codes for fast and easy troubleshooting.

A standardised driver control panel.

All our new machines have similar operator controls and interfaces, making it easier to move from one type of machine to another.

Less moving parts.

With the TL2 Essential’s hydraulics system you have fewer moving parts to service and maintain over mechanical alternatives, saving you even more time.

Easier and faster to service.

With an easy lift cabin and all service points accessible from the ground, servicing will be safer and quicker.

Long service intervals.

With industry leading service intervals, your terminal tractor will spend less time being serviced and more time operating in your yard.

Safe to access.

The Kalmar TL2 Essential Terminal Tractor features non-slip access surfaces and handrails for easy and safe access to the cabin and rear platform.

Improved visibility.

Our new cabin has improved visibility both forwards and to the rear platform, so your driver can operate safely at all times.

More options to choose from.

In addition to a range of engines, axles, and 5th wheels, there are many other options that you can specify to meet your business requirements. Here are just a few you might want to consider:

  • Left-hand drive cabin
  • Front shock absorbers for a smooth ride.
  • 300L fuel tank
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Special colors on the cabin and/or chassis
  • Extended front bumper 6″
  • Trailer stops
  • Air horn
  • LED headlights


Up to 90% less CO2 emission with HVO100 fuel.

Kalmar Heavy Terminal Tractors fitted with a Cummins engine are certified to use HVO100 fuel which can reduce your carbon emission by up to 90%. If you own an older certified machine, you just need to discuss with your local Kalmar support team if your equipment needs a minor upgrade or if it is ready to start using HVO100 straight away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track the performance of a Kalmar Essential Terminal Tractor in real time?

Our range of Kalmar Essential Terminal Tractors is ready to be connected to Kalmar Insight, a real time equipment management tool. With Kalmar Insight, you can track the performance, fuel consumption, view shocks and alerts and manage your equipment maintenance activities, allowing you to continually optimise the performance of your trucks.

Does the Kalmar Essential Terminal Tractor deliver on quality and reliability?

The Kalmar Essential Terminal Tractor delivers on Kalmar’s reputation of delivering realisable and well built equipment – making it great value for the price. The Essential Shunt or Yard truck is built with quality materials and parts, which makes not highly reliable truck that will take less time and effort to maintain in comparison to older trucks.

What sort of chassis does the Kalmar Essential Terminal Tractor have?

The Kalmar Essential Shunt or Yard Truck has a bolted chassis, not a welded chassis. This makes servicing and maintaining the chassis easier and reduces the risks of cracking which is a common issue with a welded chassis.

What is the difference between a Terminal Tractor, Yard Truck Shunt Truck or RoRo Tractor?

Yard Trucks, Shunt Trucks, RoRo Tractors and Terminal Tractors are exactly the same machine used for cargo handling at ferry terminals (RoRo), ports and terminals and industrial facilities. These are just the different names that are used in different parts of the world. At Kalmar we refer to them as Kalmar Terminal Tractors globally.


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