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i-vac 4b Move

i-vac – Freedom of mobility

Start working non-stop

Quick time saver

Cleaning with a battery-powered vacuum cleaner is a quick time saver. Unwinding, plugging in & out and rewinding takes 30 seconds every time. Cleaning a hotel with 20 rooms with the i-vac saves you 61 hours every year. Just put it on and start working non-stop.


Extend the life of a product

Slown down disposal rate

To slow down the rate of disposal and extend the life of a product, we make sure all the parts in the i-vac are easily replaced and upgraded. This i-vac 5B and 9B battery consumes 40% less energy than a cabled version.

Technical Specifications

  • Carry weight 5.7 kg without battery
  • Body size (l x w x h) 24 x 33 x 36.6 cm (excluding the harness)
  • Hose length 140 cm Capacity 5L Diameter of tools 32 mm
  • Sound level 68 dBA
  • Water lift/suction 1300 mm
  • Airflow 13.3 L/sec
  • Application dry only
  • Power source i-power 9 or 14
  • Run time i-power 9 30 min
  • Run time i-power 14 40 min
  • Charger type External charger
  • Material machine PP


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