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Electric Forklifts 2.5 to 3.5t, 4 Wheel – 7 Series Plus

The 7-Series Plus electric counterbalance forklift trucks prioritize simple, powerful performance and exceptional value. The operator compartment’s design reduces noise and vibration, boosting both the machine and operator’s well-being. Enhanced visibility, ergonomic hydraulic controls, added stability, and features like the electro-magnetic automatic parking brake (EPB) ensure safe operation.

E-Motor Foot Brake (EFB)

The EFB electronically controls braking instead of relying on conventional hydraulic braking. This results in requiring less pedal force, thereby reducing operator ankle fatigue. The simple brake structure also minimizes both hassle and maintenance costs.


Electronic Parking Brake (EPB)

The parking brake is automatically activated shortly after stopping or leaving the seat.

Unlimited Ramp Hold

The Electro-magnetic Auto Parking Brake (EPB) prevents the forklift from rolling back if the truck is stopped on a slope. Operators can then easily get off the truck without braking.

Automatic Speed Control

The truck automatically reduces travel speed to the optimal speed when cornering, reducing the risk of accidents or damage.

Turtle Mode

Operators can pre-select travel speeds without affecting the lifting speed, ensuring safe maneuverability in delicate operating situations.

Operator Sensing System (OSS)

The parking alarm prompts operators to apply the parking brake before leaving their seats, while the seat belt indicator activates a 10-second warning light, reminding them to fasten their seatbelts. For additional safety, the intelligent neutral shift feature automatically shifts the forklift into neutral if the operator leaves the seat while the engine is running.

Mast Interlock (ISO 3691)

If the operator leaves the seat or turns off the forklift, the tilt, lift, and lowering functions will be disabled.

GSS (Guardian Stability System)

The Guardian Stability System reduces travel speeds (up to 50%) when the mast is elevated beyond the primary stage. The forward tilt diminishes by 2 degrees when the mast is raised above the primary stage, and an alarm sounds when the mast’s tilt exceeds 2 degrees.


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