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The Bobcat R-Series TL35.70 Telehandler offers a 7-meter boom with outstanding stability for all your construction needs. Handle daily tasks with a familiar, intuitive automotive-style layout and an all-in-one joystick with improved ergonomics.

The B730 R-SeriesTL35.70 components are well protected thanks to the shielded design. Its smart functions allow you to maximize productivity, while the stable design means the machine hugs the ground for extra stability and peace of mind. Available in four AGRI finishing levels. If you want to add a specific functionality, choose from a list of comprehensive options, and customize your telescopic loader to your heart’s content! The machine comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty as a standard for extra peace of mind.

Maximum Lift Height 6.9 m
Maximum Lift Capacity 3500 kg
Net Power 74 kW @ 2200 rpm
Operating Weight 7415 kg


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Hydrostatic transmission

Bobcat Telehandlers feature a heavy-duty hydrostatic transmission that delivers smooth power quickly, when you need it, with high wheel torque for digging and pushing. Operation is safe and easy, with many additional features to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently: 2 speed ranges with shift-on-the-fly, auto-shift functionality during heavy load conditions, speed management system (SMS), dynamic braking and an inching pedal.


Turbo-charged engine – Bobcat D34

The Bobcat engine delivers 100 hp and meets Stage V regulations with an emissions-reduction package (SCR + DOC + DPF), without the need of an EGR valve. Its maximum 430 Nm torque is reached at 1400 rpm thanks to top-class electronic fuel injection, High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) technology, and turbo-charged air management. Its compact design allows optimized integration, resulting in excellent accessibility and visibility on the right-hand side of the cab.


Work anywhere in an agile machine

Get work done even in tight spaces, thanks to superior visibility from the fully glazed cab and the machine’s maneuverability and compact footprint. From AGRI 2-stars, a 4th steering mode, called ‘Semi-Crab’, is available, which allows you to keep the rear wheels in the desired position and to steer the machine with the front wheels. This new mode simplifies the cleaning of stalls along the wall or when working on silage piles.


European Tractor homologation

Fully compliant with the European Tractor homologation, this model can travel on road at up to 40 km/h and tow a trailer (up to 19 tons) with braking system.


Heavy duty axles

For durability when working on the most intensive jobs, your Bobcat telehandler is equipped with heavy-duty axles from Dana-Spicer, with limited slip differential in the front. These heavy-duty axles also feature: central differential gear, service brakes in oil bath, 3 planetary gears in hubs, 1 steering cylinder protected in upper position, and position sensor to re-align wheels when changing the steering mode.


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