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The new Bobcat® E55z is a premium machine combining comfort and performance in a Zero House Swing package. Thanks to Bobcat’s traditional high performance, coupled with excellent controllability and superior stability, this excavator feels like an extension of the operator’s hands. The E55z is available with a long-arm option that maximizes dig depth and provides over 6 meters ground clearance and high dump clearance. Potential machine downtime is minimized thanks to a new undercarriage with dual flange rollers, interchangeable tracks, and auto track tensioning. An angle blade and clamp options are also available.


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Smooth operation

An exceptional combination of signature Bobcat high performance, best-in-class controllability and intuitive controls now meets a state-of-the-art hydraulic system for unmatched precision and reduced fuel consumption. Bobcat® compact excavators give you perfect control of the boom, arm and bucket, even in the most challenging work environments. Having confidence in this control and your precise movements enables you to complete the job using your machine, instead of doing it with manual labour. This predictable control is delivered through exclusive control valve systems and torque-limiting piston pumps that match force with demand.

Arm Configurations

Choose the arm configuration that best meets your needs. The standard power arm offers maximum arm breakout force. For added reach and dig depth, equip your machine with the optional long arm (select models). Most of them are clamp-ready arms.

Fingertip Boom Swing and Auxiliary Control

Bobcat® excavator controls enable you to make fine, accurate movements with minimum effort and maximum comfort – so you can get precise results in less time, with less fatigue. On the left joystick, a rocker-style thumb switch gives you superior boom-swing control with better metering than foot pedals. On the right joystick, the switch provides perfect control of your connected attachment. You’ll also find that multi-function operation, such as swinging and travelling simultaneously, is easier. With the boom swing and auxiliary control located on the joystick, you get more comfortable floor space and foot room – a definite bonus on long, tiring jobs.

Two-Speed Travel

To raise your productivity, choose between two travel speeds to increase your speed around your jobsite.

Dual Direction Detent

To simplify operation, the Dual Direction Detent system provides continuous flow for attachments in either direction, allowing you to operate attachments without continually having to press a button.

Angle Blade

Compact excavators have always had backfill blades for backfilling, but the Bobcat angle blade option gives you much more flexibility for grading, levelling and backfilling too. It provides simultaneous up/down and angle adjustment, up to 25° left or right. The Bobcat one-piece bolt-on cutting edge is reversible, easy to rotate and simple to replace – a longer-lasting backfill blade for lower operating costs.

Blade Float

Our mission is to make your work easier! The Blade Float simplifies grading, leveling and backfilling jobs. Blade float exerts a minimal, consistent down-force on the blade, with minimal operator input.

Auto Idle

Does your work require frequent pauses? Auto Idle makes it easier – and quieter – to pause during your work, take a quick break or communicate with others on the job site. You’ll save on fuel too. When machine functions aren’t used for more than 4 seconds, your excavator automatically idles the engine until you start work again. When you move the joystick controls or initiate travel, the excavator automatically returns to the previously set throttle position. Auto idle can be enabled or disabled, to suit your work pattern.


Auto-shift travel moves your excavator out of high range and back automatically, giving you superb travel performance without having to manually downshift. It automatically transitions the travel motors to and from high range, producing greater tractive effort when you need it, without manual shifting. Simply select the travel speed range you want, and go. The rubber track with directional lugs also provides a smoother ride and less vibration when travelling.

Superior stability

The R2-Series machines have been designed to achieve superior 360-degree stability in any situation, even when digging over-side or handling heavier loads. Improved counterweight design and dual flange rollers guarantee superb over-side stability and the operator’s confidence in all situations.

Excellent controllability

With state-of-the-art technology – such as the latest generation main control valve, dual curve joysticks, and proportional thumb-controlled boom swing offset – combined with Bobcat’s traditional high performance, these excavators feel like an extension of the operator’s hands as he commands the controls.


Spacious Cab

Enjoy ample space and leg room inside the cab, ergonomic interior design, easy access to critical controls, and optional comfort features such as a heated seat with high back and head rest.

360- degree visibility

Best-in-class panoramic visibility is the key to working precisely and safely. Thanks to unsurpassed visibility from the cab – with narrow but solid pillars – the operator is fully aware of the working area around the machine. Powerful demisting ensure that visibility remains uncompromised in all circumstances.

Cab Comfort

You’ll be more attentive and productive if your compact excavator is quieter, easier to operate, and set to your preferred temperature. All our current models continue the Bobcat tradition of comfortable machines with design focused on the operator. Enjoy more canopy or optional cab space, easy-to-operate controls advanced climate control and lower noise levels.

Ergonomic Controls

With Bobcat ergonomic controls, you stay productive all day long. They help you control attachments with precision and flexibility, without feeling tired. Grade, level and backfill with less exertion. Then head to the next work area using the one-hand travel control… and adjust the arm rests for added comfort!

Hydraulic Joystick Control

The hydraulic joystick control on Bobcat® compact excavators ensures smooth, fluid operation, helping you operate at maximum efficiency.

Soft Grip Joysticks

Bobcat compact excavators feature soft-grip pilot control joysticks that provide the operator with effortless control of the boom and arm work group.


See and control everything important on the optional full color 5-inch display. Weather and scratch resistant robust display is easy to read in all circumstances and easy to operate via the switch. Display allows to set up the connected attachments, auxiliary flows and check the machine vitals. which is ready to be connected to a rear-view camera. Addition to this the rear view camera can be connected.

Easy Entry & Exi

Bobcat® compact excavators feature a unique canopy that gives operators better visibility in confined areas. The lightweigh design, which is ROPS, TOPS and FOGS certified, keeps compaction to a minimum when crossing lawns and other established surfaces.

Rotary Speed Control Knob

On Bobcat compact excavators, the rotary speed control knob adjusts more easily than a lever, enabling you to make smoother throttle adjustments and operate with more precise control.

Uptime Protection

Panoramic Serviceability

With Bobcat® compact excavators, you’ll find it easy to make maintenance part of your routine. Using Bobcat’s simple industry-leading service access checkpoints, you can quickly carry out preventive maintenance. Use your shop time to finish the job instead of trying to gain access to checkpoints – you’ll complete essential maintenance as scheduled and reduce your operating costs!

In-Track Swing Frame

Bobcat® compact excavators are engineered to operate in the smallest of workspaces. All models feature the exclusive In-Track Swing Frame, which allows you to get closer to your work. The swing castings and cylinders stay within the tracks when you dig in an offset position.

X-Frame Undercarriage

With its superior ground clearance, the X-frame undercarriage improves your performance in soft, loose and difficult conditions. Dirt and other debris easily pass through this undercarriage, making clean-up easier and faster, and leaving less debris on the trailer. Our design places the drive motors safely within the width of the tracks, protecting the assembly and improving machine agility in soft conditions. The recessed motor covers prevent potential damage and improve your uptime on the job.

Easy to clean Cooling Cores

To help maximize uptime, the cooling cores can be accessed easily through large service openings for quick, easy cleaning of the radiator.

Simple Machine Tie-Down

Our tie-downs are easy to reach and apply, so you can secure the machine quickly and get on and off the job site faster.

Machine Protection

Like all Bobcat® machines, our compact excavators are designed to prevent problems before they occur. Electronics meet or exceed the most demanding specifications for sealing, moisture, shock and vibration. Automatic glow plugs deliver easier starts and ensure longer starter life, while battery run-down protection guards against vandals or forgetful operators.

Zero House Swing (ZHS) concept

Do you frequently work in confined areas, close to objects, or against a wall? On models with minimal and conventional tail swing, the rear of the house protrudes beyond the width of the tracks. To avoid this restriction and give yourself the greatest flexibility, choose a zero tail-swing model; the rear of the house stays within the width of the tracks through full rotation. With zero tail swing, you rotate and deposit soil where you need it, reposition the machine fewer times, and worry less about accidentally striking any surrounding objects. The design of Bobcat machines also eliminates the ‘unicorn’ effect of having the boom swing cylinder exposed during offset parallel digging, reducing the risk of damage to the surrounding objects as well as to the cylinder itself. Zero House Swing and Zero Tail Swing concepts prevent collisions and minimize the risk of damage – so, less machine downtime.

Engine Monitoring

You can keep your Bobcat® compact excavator on the job – and out of the shop – thanks to its smart diagnostic features. Machine Shutdown Protection: to maximise uptime, most Bobcat excavators come standard with automatic shutdown that tracks engine coolant temperature, engine oil pressure, hydraulic oil temperature and other functions. The system is designed to prevent catastrophic engine failure: it shuts down the machine if necessary, reducing the chance of damage to the engine or hydraulic components. Diagnostics: Bobcat provides on-board diagnostics to efficiently troubleshoot problems while you are working and prevent them before they occur – reducing your machine’s downtime. Cold Weather Engine Protection: this feature protects your machine from working too hard in cold weather before the engine is properly warmed up.

Integrated Slew Brakes

For more accurate placement of your load, the integrated slew brakes hold the machine steady on slopes. This makes it easier to load the machine, and you no longer need to manually engage the slew brakes during transport.

Segmented or Steel Tracks

The optional steel tracks have a segmented construction, enabling quick and convenient repair. Optional rubber pads ensure a more comfortable ride.

Attachment Versatility

Multi-tool versality

Excellent tool carriers: up to 4 arm-mounted hydraulic auxiliary lines enable a wide range of machine customizations to match many attachment requirement.

Hydraulic Clamp

Clamp, lift, move and place more objects and materials with the power of the Bobcat hydraulic clamp (thumb) attachment. Our hydraulic clamp has a dual-tooth design which maximizes the clamp capabilities, enabling the attachment to clamp onto many odd-shaped objects and debris. Put the clamp attachment to work with a trenching bucket and see how easily you can move irregularly shaped objects such as tree stumps and broken slabs of concrete. The clamp attachment is ideal for those moving and removing jobs.

Ergonomic Controls

With Bobcat ergonomic controls, you stay productive all day long. They help you control attachments with precision and flexibility, without feeling tired. Grade, level and backfill with less exertion. Then head to the next work area using the one-hand travel control… and adjust the arm rests for added comfort!

Key Specifications

Operating weight

5218 kg

Digging depth

3.4 m

Engine power

36.5 kW

Digging breakout force

30993 N

Tail swing type



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