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Improved structure

  • Casted steering axle; improved mast and overhead guard strength and rigidity;
  • decreased front overhang improves stability;
  • modular-designed electric components;
  • better cooling performance;

Efficient operation

  • Faster lifting speed, smaller turning radius,


Comfortable operation

  • Smaller steering wheel, enlarged pedal;
  • Wide-view mast;
  • Lowering buffering on mast;
  • Enlarged driving space.
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Reliable drive system

  • Durable transmission system produced by HELIand proven in the market for over 20 years;
  • Automatic engine preheating system;

Easy maintenance

  • Easy to lift engine hood with wide 80° opening angle;

Well-designed air intaking system

  • Air inlet on top of overhead guard, far away from dust;

Better cooling system

  • Aluminum radiator, better heat dissipation effect;

Reliable casting steering axle

  • Compact structure, shock absorber, bust and water proof, lower maintenance cost.

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