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Partnerships, service excellence stand Shumani in good stead

The secret to the ongoing success of Shumani Industrial Equipment in the marketplace is the longstanding partnerships it enters into with key customers, according to MD Victor Nemukula. As a new kid on the block in 2015, Shumani was awarded a key contract by Imperial Fleet Management (IFM) to supply and maintain materials-handling equipment for Transnet.

IFM’s own contract itself has just concluded, and Shumani has been part of its client journey from the inception. “Most of our contracts are about five years in duration,” notes Nemukula, highlighting the longevity of the company’s business relationships.

Its initial success with IFM was due to the Shumani’s BEE scorecard and its high level of customer service and support. Now the largest black-owned industrial equipment supplier in South Africa, Shumani is an appointed dealer for all Goscor Group companies that import industrial equipment for the South African market.

It supplies world-class equipment across the breadth of the industrial and construction sectors. Brands on offer include world-leading names like Bendi, Crown, Kalmar and Doosan in the forklift market. Construction equipment brands include Bobcat, Sany, HPower, Weima, Luthian, Ozen and Sullair. In the cleaning equipment market segment, Shumani offers Tennant, Genie, Sentinel and HighPoint.

Shumani has a full complement of technicians, most of whom are based at its client sites. These technicians provide maintenance on customer equipment, ensuring that Shumani attains a guaranteed uptime of 98% in order to give its clients total peace of mind when it comes to productivity and any impact on their bottom line.

“A forklift is an important part of the customers’ production and supply chain. As a result, most companies will make a decision on a supplier’s ability to meet their requirements. Our capability and reputation in terms of superior service is what sets us apart from our competitors,” highlights Nemukula.

As for Shumani’s continued relationship with the South African rail, port and pipeline company, it has a significant number of Kalmar and Doosan forklifts still operating at Transnet on a short-term rental basis. “We believe this will enable Shumani to continue building a relationship with Transnet directly going forward,” concludes Nemukula.

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