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Stand Alone Inverter EOV220V5

SRNE 5kW Inverter / 5.12kWh Lithium Battery All-In-One Unit

Introducing the ALL-IN-ONE ENERGY STORAGE SOLAR SYSTEM EOV Series, where power meets innovation. Engineered to provide seamless energy solutions, this system is your gateway to sustainable energy independence. With a commitment to quality and performance, our EOV Series ensures that your power needs are met efficiently and reliably. May the power be with you, always.


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  • Rated Output Power: 5,000W
  • Max. Peak Power: 10,000VA
  • Load Capacity of Motor: 4HP
  • Wave Form: Pure Sine Wave
  • Rated Output Voltage: 110Vac (single phase)
  • Max. Parallel Capacity: 2 units (up to 10kW split-phase)
  • Output Mode: Off-grid/Hybrid/On-grid


Solar Input:

  • Solar Charge Type: MPPT
  • Max. Solar Array Power: 5,500W
  • Max. Solar Open Circuit Voltage: 500Vdc

Grid / Generator Input:

  • Input Voltage Range: 90~140Vac
  • Bypass Overload Current: 63A

Battery Charging:

  • Max. Solar Charging Current: 100A
  • Max. Grid/Generator Charging Current: 40A


  • Battery Module: SR-EOV05B
  • Battery Power: 5.12kWh
  • Rated Voltage: 51.2V
  • Rated Capacity: 100Ah
  • Battery Type: LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
  • Cycling Lifespan: 6000 (80%DOD,0.5C,25°C)
  • Max. Parallel Capacity: 4 units (up to 20.48kWh)
  • Dimension: 600*555*130mm
  • Standard: UN38.3, CE-GPSD, IEC62109, EMC


  • Supports Off-grid/Hybrid/On-Grid output
  • Multiple charge and discharge modes are available
  • Time-slot function to save on electricity costs
  • Large LCD screen with real-time data
  • No matching and commissioning required, ready to install
  • Plug-and-play, eliminating the clutter of wires
  • Up to 4 batteries in parallel expand to 20.48kWh
  • Up to 2 systems in parallel with double storage & output

Additional Information:

  • Inverter Module
  • Battery Module
  • Solar Energy Storage System


Experience the future of energy storage with the EOV Series. Power your life with efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.


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