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Rato Petrol Semi Trash Pump – RT80WB26-3.8Q

If your work site requires a pump that can get rid of waste, slurry or dirty water efficiently and with ease, check out the Power Products range of trash and semi trash water pumps today.


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Model RT80NB20 RT100NB26 RT80WB26-3.8Q (SEMI Trash)
Inlet & Outlet Inside Diameter 3″ (80mm) 4″ (100mm) 3″ (80mm)
Pump Lift 20m 26m 26m
Suction Head 7m 7m 7m
Max. Capacity 60m³/hr 100m³/hr 66m³/hr
Fuel Petrol Petrol Petrol
Solids 25mm 28mm 25mm (SOFT SOLIDS)


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