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For rammers that can withstand the toughest construction site and job, choose from Goscor Power Products’ range of affordable and reliable tamper rammers today.

When it comes to compactor rammers, Goscor Power Products offers rammer compactor for sale that are suitable for most construction companies, bakkie builders and hire companies. Our range of rammer compactors are specifically designed for easy, smooth operation. The simplified design of our vibratory rammer range requires little maintenance offering higher productivity and increased output.

Thanks to our 30 years of experience in the power product industry, we are able to proudly offer jumping jack compactors or wacker type rammers with a range of features and outputs. Our range includes petrol-powered rammer compactors for sale ranging from 75 | 76kg with an output of 13kN | 14kN, suitable for most compacting applications on any construction site such as backfilling of trenches, pothole repairs and compacting of light sand to gravel applications such as fibre optic trenches.


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What are the Uses and Features of Rammer Compactors?

Our range of tampering rammers all offer low centres of gravity for stability and ease of operation. Goscor Power Products’ tampering rammers can be used for:

  • Compaction of most types of soil (including cohesive clay types) in medium and deep layers, trenches, foundations and backfills.
  • Compaction work in confined areas and where high compaction density is required.

Rammer Specifications

Our range of rammers include features necessary for any construction environment, including:

  • Custom-designed, 4-stroke petrol engines for easy starting, low-noise operation, low maintenance and reduced fuel consumption.
  • Innovative throttle lever which guarantees longer life and smooth operation.
  • Heavy shock mount system to reduce hand and arm vibration and improve operator comfort.
  • Durable plastic fuel tank offers longer life and is rust-free.
  • Protective side frame cover protects the engine.
  • Rammer foot with steel plate and laminated wood insert.
  • Outstanding body balance maximizes work efficiency and minimizes operator fatigue.
  • Dual filtration system for the Engine to ensure a long working life.
  • German Bellow housing.
  • Japanese bearings inside the rammer.
  • Sealed bearing on the clutch housing, no lubrication required.


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