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Portable Inverter HBP18-2024

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The Goscor 2000w portable inverter (HBP18-2024) series all-in-one energy storage solution, supports 2KW output for different load appliances. It’s based on the original cabinet design, stacked with solar energy storage lithium battery 2560wh, and built in battery protection system, fully retain the use of loadpower in applications of residential, school, commercial and public utility area.

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– 2KWh Energy
– 4000+ Charge Cycles
– LiFePO4 battery pack
– 2 x USB ports
– 4 x SA Outlet Plugs
– 1 x DC 12V port
– Bult-in MPPT Solar Inverter
– 2000W – Pure Sine Wave Inverter
– 24/7 UPS Plug & Play Use

Features higher capacities for greater compatibility with more power-hungry devices. Includes pre-installed solar charging optimization module that functions as a maximum power point tracker (MPPT), resulting in up to 40% faster charge times. With LiFePO4 lithium cells, known for stability and safety, monitored by a state-of-the-art battery management system that prevents overcharge, over-current, and short circuiting. Built in Multi safety protection that include short circuit, overload, and over-temperature and error code reporting


4 x AC output: 220VAC (SA Outlet Plug)
2 x USB (5V 2.4A): DC output
1 x DC 12V port

Battery Mode:
Nominal Energy/Voltage: 2560Wh/25.6V
Nominal Capacity: 100Ah
Operating Temperature: 0-50 C
Protection Class: Class I
Protection Degree: IP 20

Inverter Mode:
Rated Power: 2000VA/2000W
AC Output: 220VAC

AC Charger Mode:
AC Input: 220VAC 50Hz 17.7A(Max)
DC Output: 27VDC 30A/20A

Solar Charger Mode:
Rated Current: 60A
System Voltage: 24VDC
MPPT Voltage Range: 30-120VDC
Max. Solar Voltage (VOC): 145VDC
Max Charge Current: 60A
Max PV input Current: 20A
Max Solar Power input: 1800W

Operation temperature:
Charge 0~45 C
Discharge -10~60 C

Product Dimensions: 48 x 35 x 68cm – 68kg

What’s in the box

  • 1 x HBP18-2024 inverter trolley + 100Ah lithium battery
  • 1 x Power Cable 3 Pin (SA Plug)
  • 1 x User Guide



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