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Piston Air Compressors

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We offer a wide range of Özen Kompresör piston air compressor models for sale at Goscor Compressed Air Systems. The Özen piston compressors are designed for use in many industrial fields. They are high-performing units and are produced with the best materials, benefitting from Özen’s 40 years of experience in the industry.

What Is A Piston Air Compressor Used For?

A piston compressor is one of the most common types of compressors used in industries like woodworking, metalworking and other industrial and machinery businesses. Using the principle of displacement, these types of compressors use a piston (which moves rapidly up and down) to create pressure (be it gas or air) in an enclosed tank. The pressurised air or gas is then transferred into kinetic energy that is used to cut, mould or bend a variety of materials.

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Why Buy A Piston Air Compressor?

There are a variety of advantages to buying an Özen piston air compressor for sale from Goscor Compressed Air Systems, namely;

  • Durable, vibration-free cranks
  • High-efficiency valve systems
  • Cooling pulleys
  • Cast iron block and independent cast iron cylinders
  • Aluminium pistons
  • Accurate tie-rod to crank connection

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