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Ozen Silobass Air Compressors

The History of Özen Silobass Air Compressors

Özen’s range of Silobass compressors are for their high-efficiency, direct-coupled system that was developed specifically for pneumatic transportation usage. Additional features of the Ozen range of silobass air compressors include:

  • Ductile, iron special ground crank
  • Vibration-free operation provided by a specially balanced crank
  • Specially developed valve system
  • Oiled air suction filter
  • Special alloy aluminium piston
  • Needle roller bearing system
  • High-efficiency cooling system that coupled to crank
  • Star-delta control board
  • Final cooler


Industrial Applications of Özen Silobass Air Compressors

There are a variety of industries that require the use of Silobass air compressors to ensure the efficient operation of equipment and processes, including industries like:

  • Cement and Construction Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Chemical & Engineering Industry

Our Range of Özen Silobass Air Compressors

SB series Silobass air compressors are produced in two different types for fixed and ground installation applications on the truck and it stands out with its long life in difficult conditions. SB Series low-pressure air compressors offer two drive options – electric or diesel. The range comes with a specially developed valve system too.


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