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Ozen Core Series 10 – Screw Compressors

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What is the Ozen Core Series 10?

The Core Series air compressors manufactured by Özen Compressor are preferred by users worldwide thanks to the high-quality of equipment and materials used. The Core Series 10 screw compressors have been approved by international quality institutions and offer customers performance excellence for years to come.

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What are the features of the Ozen Core Series 10?

When it comes to the features and benefits of the Ozen Core Series 10 air compressors, there are many to choose from. You can expect to enjoy these features and much more when you invest in an Ozen air compressor;

  • Ergonomic canopy which directs the air movement in the canopy to the right direction thanks to its special design.
  • Low noise level compliant with international standards thanks to the sound insulation used.
  • Smart, neat, aesthetically pleasing appearance.

When looking at the Core Series 10 in particular, the inverter-controlled screw air compressors offer these great features;

  • Excellent ranges of air flow capabilities
  • 7,5kW of motor power
  • Low noise levels – below 69dB(A)
  • Weighs less than 250kgs
  • 40Bar at manometer
  • Requires minimal maintenance


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