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LPG Forklifts 2 to 3.5t, NXP Series

Similar in feel to our 7-Series, our NXP Series LPG Pneumatic forklifts offer excellent value with powerful performance. User safety is prioritized with seat-sensing technology, hydraulic mast interlock, and enhanced ergonomics that prevent unintended movements. High-speed lifting, wide mast visibility, and strong gradability enhance warehouse productivity.


Performance and Productivity


Powerful Gradeability

Easily climb 25% steep slopes with the help of the powerful engine, transaxle, and auxiliary weight structure.


High Residual Capacity

The NX Series boasts a remarkable 10% increase in lifting capacity at the same height with its auxiliary weight structure and powerful hydraulic system. This exceptional performance makes it particularly well-suited for work areas with high rack height requirements.


High Speed of Lifting / Lowering

The gear pump and mast regulator valve have been optimized to increase the speed of lifting and lowering, making operations more productive.


V-Member Design

The optimized V-member structure increases the stability of the vehicle. By lowering the centre of gravity, it enhances lifting capacity at high height racking and gradability.


Enhanced Visibility

The wider mast window, neatly arranged hydraulic hoses and chains, and flat overhead guard ensure a clear view of the surroundings, including forward, upward, and to the load.


Comfort and Convenience


LED Lights

Brighter and longer lasting than traditional sealed beams or halogen lights.


Compact Steering Wheel

The compact steering wheel reduces operator fatigue.


Integrated Lamp Switch

The turn signal and headlamp switches are integrated for easy operation.


Spacious Operator Compartment

The operator compartment’s spacious design offers ample legroom, a tiltable steering column, and ergonomically positioned pedals for easier operation.


Tiltable Steering Column

The adjustable steering column allows the operator to maintain an optimal and comfortable posture.


Extended Steering Angle

The turning radius is improved by increasing the steering angle, bringing more manoeuvrability in smaller spaces.




Panoramic Mirror (Optional)

The panoramic mirror increases the operator’s range of vision, reducing accidents and unnecessary damage to the truck, products, or rack system.


Wide Footsteps and Grab Bar

Wide, open footsteps with anti-slip tread and an overhead grab bar make mounting and dismounting the truck safe and easy.


Rearranging of Tilt Cylinder

Operators will no longer trip over the tilt cylinder as its been removed from the floor plate.


Mast Interlock (ISO 3691)

If the operator leaves the seat or turns off the forklift, the tilt, lift, and lowering functions will be disabled.


Hood Locking Cylinder

For easy maintenance and to prevent accidents.


Operator Sensing System (OSS)

The parking alarm prompts operators to apply the parking brake before leaving their seats, while the seat belt indicator activates a 10-second warning light, reminding them to fasten their seatbelts. For additional safety, the intelligent neutral shift feature automatically shifts the forklift into neutral if the operator leaves the seat while the engine is running.


Service and Reliability


Optimized Air Flow

The optimization of airflow is achieved through the repositioning of the muffler, creating more distance between parts, and enlarging the inner space of the counterweight. These enhancements work together to streamline the airflow and significantly enhance cooling performance.


Robust Mast

The reinforcement of the mast beam improves mast stiffness and lateral stability, while the six-roller carriage delivers superior strength and durability for wider and longer loads.


Anti-Dust Design

The bottom-sealed overhead guard eliminates the dust intake from the bottom side.


Dual Element Air Cleaner

The Dual Element Air Cleaner extends the truck’s lifespan by allowing the engine to efficiently intake clean, cool air.


Pre Cleaner (Option)

The pre-cleaner proactively removes dust, extending the life cycle of the dual-element air cleaner.


Removable Side Cover and Footplate

The forklift’s side cover and footplate can be easily removed without any tools, simplifying service calls.


Wider Hood Opening

The wider hood opening allows for easier engine access.


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