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LPG Forklifts 1.5 to 5.5t, 9 Series

The 9-Series LPG Cushion Forklift offers outstanding fuel efficiency, performance, and durability. Its sleek design combined with sound ergonomics takes safety, driver comfort, ease of maintenance, and productivity to the next level.


Performance and Productivity


GCT Engine (1.2t)

The GCT GK25 LP engine is known for its outstanding performance, boasting not only low noise and vibration levels but also exceptional durability. Its reliability and robustness have been thoroughly tested in the industrial engine sector, making it a top choice for various applications.


2.4 Litre Diesel Engine (KUBOTA)

The V2403 2.4-liter diesel engine is perfect for industrial applications, boasting excellent fuel efficiency, low emissions, and minimal noise. Its impressive features include high-rated power, a built-in solenoid, low fan position, and engine side serviceability, making it the perfect choice for Bobcat forklifts.


PSI Engine (4t)

Enhanced engine performance is achieved through an advanced ECU that seamlessly integrates and coordinates all vital functions, such as the governor, variable ignition timing, air-fuel ratio control, and engine protection.


Transmission & Drive Axle

The Drive axle features an electronic parking brake for unparalleled convenience. Its enclosed design ensures that there are no adverse effects on braking performance caused by environmental factors or service-related downtime. The separation between the drive axle and transmission, along with the advantages of the full floating drive axle, contributes to reduced vibration, enhancing overall performance.


Full Floating Drive Axle

The one-piece cast iron housing aligns axle components with precision, while the high tensile alloy steel shaft extends axle life and delivers high torque to the drive wheels.


Multi-Engine Performance Mapping System

Bobcat offers 2 performance engine maps, allowing users to choose between Standard mode or Eco-mode. In Eco-mode, engine performance is limited to significantly reduce fuel consumption by approximately 5%.


Improved Pedal Force

The pedal force required to operate the brake has been reduced by 35% compared to the previous model, thanks to the improved structure of the inching valve and increased brake capacity.


Improved Fuel Consumption

The addition of roller valve lifters reduces friction and improves fuel economy.


Comfort and Convenience


Enhanced Visibility

The wider mast window, neatly arranged hydraulic hoses and chains, and flat overhead guard ensure a clear view of the surroundings, including forward, upward, and to the load.


Personal Storage

Store your paperwork, refreshments, small tools, and other essentials in a convenient personal storage compartment with USB port and document clip.


Wide Footsteps and Grab Bar

Wide, open footsteps with anti-slip tread and an overhead grab bar make mounting and dismounting the truck safe and easy.


Operator Comfort

The compact steering wheel and adjustable, telescopic steering column not only reduces the energy required from the driver but also optimize space. This thoughtful design makes it more convenient for the operator to access the truck and move freely.


Wide Seat (Sears Seat)

Wide Sears seats offer all-day comfort.




Electronic Parking Brake (EPB)

The parking brake is automatically activated shortly after stopping or leaving the seat.


Operator Sensing System (OSS)

The parking alarm prompts operators to apply the parking brake before leaving their seats, while the seat belt indicator activates a 10-second warning light, reminding them to fasten their seatbelts. For additional safety, the intelligent neutral shift feature automatically shifts the forklift into neutral if the operator leaves the seat while the engine is running.


Round View Mirror (2/4T)

Increase safety by ensuring rear-view visibility with a round-view mirror.


Panoramic Mirror (Optional)

The panoramic mirror increases the operator’s range of vision, reducing accidents and unnecessary damage to the truck, products, or rack system.


Rear Blue Spotlight (Optional)

The rear blue spotlight alerts pedestrians and other vehicles of forklifts approaching blind corners, aisles, and confusing crossing areas.


Rear Grab Bar with Horn (Optional)

The horn on the rear grab bar improves safety while travelling in reverse, allowing the operator to alert others while maintaining full control of the vehicle.


Mast Interlock (ISO 3691)

If the operator leaves the seat or turns off the forklift, the tilt, lift, and lowering functions will be disabled.


Seat Belt Interlock (Optional)

Without a fastened seat belt, the forklift disables tilt, lift, and lowering functions and won’t move.


4th Lever Interlock (Optional)

Prevents cargo-dropping accidents caused by unconsciously touching the 4th lever.


Anti-Cinch Seatbelt

The anti-cinch seatbelt protects operators by only locking during very sudden movements and/or potential accidents.


Service and Reliability


Oil-Cooled Disc Brakes (ODB)

All of the 1.5-3.5t series forklifts feature virtually maintenance-free Oil-Cooled Disc Brakes. Their enclosed design prevents outside contamination, extending brake life up to 5 times longer compared to conventional shoe brakes. This system also comes with our exclusive extended warranty, guaranteeing long-lasting and reliable performance.


Integrated Electric Components

Both the fuse and relay boxes are located in front of the engine to facilitate easy maintenance.


Wider Hood Opening

The wider hood opening allows for easier engine access.


Removable Side Cover and Footplate

The forklift’s side cover and footplate can be easily removed without any tools, simplifying service calls.


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