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Diesel Forklifts 10 to 16t, 7 Series

Bobcat’s 10-16t diesel forklifts deliver power and reliability with electronic–controlled, low-emission, high-torque engines. The robust chassis ensures durability for any application while the spacious cab offers comfort and visibility. Uptime is improved thanks to longer service intervals.


Performance and Productivity


High Powered, Fuel-Efficient Engine

The DL06P 5.9 Litre diesel engine provides high torque at low engine speed and reduces fuel consumption.



The innovative Ultra-Low Particulate Matter Combustion system, incorporating Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), is highly reliable and ensures compliance with all emission regulations. With no Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and extended SCR cleaning intervals, this system maximizes up-time and minimizes maintenance costs.


Power-Shift Transmission

The top-mounted control valve modulates clutch oil pressure for smooth direction changes while significantly prolonging the transmission lifespan. Conveniently located test ports facilitate easy checkups and cleaning.


Comfort and Convenience


Zeus Cabin

The Zeus Cabin is specifically engineered to elevate comfort, with its clear dashboard, high-quality interiors, and efficient heating and cooling systems. It minimizes noise and vibration, optimizing productivity and ease of operation. The cabin also provides additional optional features, including a rear camera with an LCD screen and an onboard electronic weighing scale, empowering operators with all essential tools at their fingertips.


Extra Comfort Features (Optional)

The cabin comes equipped with air-conditioning/heating, a CD player/radio, and an optional sound suppression package for maximum comfort in any environment.


Personal Storage

Store your paperwork, refreshments, small tools, and other essentials in a convenient personal storage compartment.


5” Full-Color LCD Display

Stay up-to-date on your machine’s operating and maintenance conditions.


Enhanced Visibility

The wider mast window, neatly arranged hydraulic hoses and chains, and flat overhead guard ensure a clear view of the surroundings, including forward, upward, and to the load.


Spacious Operator Compartment

The operator compartment’s spacious design offers ample legroom, a tiltable steering column, and ergonomically positioned pedals for easier operation.




Integrated Instrument Panel

The integrated instrument panel provides instant access to critical information, such as fuel levels, oil pressure, temperature, and hour usage. It also offers status updates on mast interlocks, transmission health, seat belt use, and brake oil levels. This comprehensive display keeps the operator fully informed about their vehicle’s performance at all times.


Wide Footsteps and Grab Bar

Wide, open footsteps with anti-slip tread and an overhead grab bar make mounting and dismounting the truck safe and easy.


Hydraulic Motor Driven Remote Type Cooling Fan

A large-capacity cooling fan driven by a remote hydraulic motor effectively manages operating temperatures. The fan speed adjusts according to acceleration to maximize cooling capacity and minimize energy loss.


Rear Grab Bar with Horn (Optional)

The horn on the rear grab bar improves safety while travelling in reverse, allowing the operator to alert others while maintaining full control of the vehicle.


Panoramic Mirror (Optional)

The panoramic mirror increases the operator’s range of vision, reducing accidents and unnecessary damage to the truck, products, or rack system.


Service and Reliability


Oil-Cooled Disc Brakes (ODB)

All of the 1.5-3.5t series forklifts feature virtually maintenance-free Oil-Cooled Disc Brakes. Their enclosed design prevents outside contamination, extending brake life up to 5 times longer compared to conventional shoe brakes. This system also comes with our exclusive extended warranty, guaranteeing long-lasting and reliable performance.


Dual Element Air Cleaner

The Dual Element Air Cleaner extends the truck’s lifespan by allowing the engine to efficiently intake clean, cool air.


Rugged Front End Design

The J-Hook mounting system makes the mast easy to remove for servicing while the six-roller carriage delivers superior strength and durability for wider and longer loads. The nested rails reduced width, providing better visibility, and silent staging, and added strength to the overall structure.


Easy Access

The wide hood opening and automatic tiltable operator cell for the best accessibility.


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