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The Bobcat TR50.210 effortlessly lifts loads up to 21 m. Ensure operator safety with pivoting stabilizers, three steering modes, and RFID technology that automatically recognizes attachments for seamless operations. The upgraded RTLS series also features a more accessible cabin, enhanced ambient LED lighting, and a new touchscreen to monitor load charts, making operations comfortable and efficient.


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Smart Operation

From the moment you start your engine, the machine’s electronic system kicks in, automatically adjusting engine speed and the load-sensing hydraulic system. This allows you to focus on what matters most: safely getting the job done with absolute precision.

New Loadcharts

The improved load charts let operators see three sections at once: the classic load chart, a real-time safe working area, and its radius. This makes it easier to access all the key info at once, boosting overall performance.

360° Continuous Rotation Turret

The turret’s seamless rotation enhances range and efficiency on any worksite, maximizing the machine’s versatility.

Smart Stabilization

Quickly deploy pivoting stabilizers to enhance machine performance. The optimized stabilization, achieved through ground pressure detection and one-button auto-leveling, enables the machine to swiftly prepare for full-capacity work.

Efficient Transmission

Heavy-duty, oil-immersed axles are powered by a hydrostatic transmission with an electronically controlled variable displacement pump and motor.

Frame Levelling on Tires

If the operator attempts to manually correct the inclination of the machine on uneven terrain, the system can then detect the machine’s inclination, only allowing compensation to be performed in the correct direction.

Semi-automatic Wheel Realignment

The operator can easily switch steering modes for different tasks. Semi-automatic wheel alignment makes sure the wheels stay aligned when navigating between the three steering modes.

Work More Efficiently

The work page automatically recognizes the attached equipment via the RFID system. A dynamic load chart displays the load during telescopic boom movements. This lets the operator quickly check the actual load weight and the maximum lifting capacity in that position.

HVO Ready

TR50.210 Rotary Telehandler is compatible with HVO Biofuel. HVO biofuel serves as a cleaner, greener alternative to conventional diesel, offering enhanced performance and environmental benefits.


Touchscreen Control Panel

Use the standard large touchscreen to see and control vital information. Easily switch between five menu pages with touch or the jog shuttle. Optionally, add a color monitor for up to three cameras.

New MENU and Alerts

Tap the left bottom button to access a MENU that seamlessly transitions between light and dark modes when position lights are on. The menu now displays warning banners in 14 languages. Plus, you can activate automatic steering and rear camera when traveling in reverse.

Everyday Ergonomics

Step in and out of the cab effortlessly, thanks to improved cabin access and the easily adjustable steering column operated by a pedal.

First-class Comfort

Step into the heated, airtight, and fully pressurized cabin with 100% air filtration, ensuring comfort and focus on any job. The all-new cab boasts added features like LED lights (armrest and ambient lights for greater comfort). It also includes a standard dedicated remote control compartment and headrest.

Perfect Operating Station

The spacious cabin comes with multifunctional joysticks featuring proportional controls, along with a standard audio system with Bluetooth and hands-free capability.

Enhanced Visibility

Experience enhanced safety and visibility with the large, unobstructed windscreen. Extended by 15 cm, it minimizes collision risks and property damage while offering an improved view.

Simple Ergonomics

Stabilization and frame leveling controls are intuitively grouped together on the console along the side window for easy access.

Maximize Efficiency

Built to Last

Our telehandlers are built tough for demanding construction jobs, featuring a welded monobloc frame, fully enclosed hydraulic hoses within the boom, and heavy-duty axles. The high-tensile steel boom is exceptionally robust and rigid, ensuring durability without added weight.

The CAN Bus technology with an auto-diagnostic system is designed for enhanced durability.

Integrated CAN bus technology reduces the number of cables and connectors on the machine. This, along with the auto-diagnostic system helps to minimize downtime.

Machine Telematics

Boost your Bobcat machine support with advanced machine telematics. Durable built-in monitoring provides our specialists with essential data, optimizing maintenance for your business and maximizing uptime through data-driven services.

Automatic Parking Brake

The automatic parking brake function adds an extra layer of safety in daily operations. It engages automatically at low engine revs or when the engine is turned off, streamlining operation for operators focused on their job.

Protected from the Elements

The 24V electric circuit is protected with IP67-rated shielding against water and dust. Additionally, Bobcat’s CAN BUS technology reduces wiring for enhanced reliability.

Roof Grid Blades

The ROPS/FOPS cab protection is designed to further enhance visibility, especially in tricky situations when lifting loads at maximum height.

Secured Working Area

The limit page lets the operator set virtual walls on each side, in front, and overhead, securing the working area. Adjust boom and rotation speeds as needed for precise control.

Convenient Positioning of Fuses and Diagnostics

The placement of the fuse box and access to diagnostics has been improved to minimize downtime and enhance user-friendliness.

Attachment Versatility

There is an auxiliary hydraulic line on the boom head and a return line to the hydraulic tank.

Bobcat rotary telehandlers come equipped with a standard auxiliary hydraulic line on the boom head and a hydraulic tank return line. This setup maximizes on-the-job versatility, allowing for easy connection of various hydraulic attachments like rotating man platforms, winches, clamps, and more.

Man Platform Ready

Bobcat rotary telehandlers include a standard man platform pre-arrangement compliant with EN280. Choose from a variety of baskets for different elevation tasks.


The quick-fit system allows easy coupling while the optimized design and low weight allow improved lifting capacity. Equipped with an RFID system, attachments are automatically recognised and the corresponding load chart is displayed on the touchscreen.

Attachment recognition system

Connect with the quick-fit system for easy coupling, while the optimized design and low weight enhance lifting capacity. Attachments are automatically recognized through the RFID system, displaying the corresponding load chart on the touchscreen.

Winch Ready

Bobcat Rotary telehandlers come equipped with a standard winch pre-arrangement. Choose from a variety of winches and jib-winches to suit all types of work involving suspended loads.

Key Specifications

Rated Capacity

4999 kg

Lifting height

20.5 m

Rated power (ISO 14396)

136 hp

Max reach

17.4 m

Unladen weight

15900 kg


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