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Air Compressor Receiver Tanks

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How Do Air Compressor Receiver Tanks Work?

An air receiver or air receiver tank is used to manage fluctuations in air pressure and supply to a compressor system throughout the day. Air receivers ensure that the pressure of your system remains stable and does not drop to below acceptable levels. Attaching an air receiver tank to your compressor system can also lower your energy consumption by enabling a fixed speed of pressure, and during these times of energy crisis within South Africa, this is an absolute must.

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Where Are Air Receivers Used?

Air receivers – including valves and tanks – can be attached to most working air compressor systems that you have. At Goscor Compressed Air Systems, we will be able to advise you on the best type and size of air receiver you need for your current system, or create a tailor-made system for you that includes an air receiver tank.

The Benefits of Using Air Receivers for Your Operations

When you add an air receiver to your air compressor system or operations, you will be able to enjoy a range of benefits to your system and your process, including:

  • Protection of parts against damage caused by low pressure spikes
  • Preventing dips in pressure and performance
  • Ensuring stable air flow throughout the day
  • Lowering energy consumption and therefore costs


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