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Cleaning Equipment

At Shumani Industrial Equipment, your reliable 51% Black Owned Company, we offer a holistic range of cleaning equipment and solutions to our valued clients. We supply major brands and all our products are quality guaranteed. Our industrial equipment can be used in a range of industries including retail, industrial, hospitality, manufacturing, construction, mining, and energy.

From industrial vacuums and high-pressure cleaners to carpet cleaners and scrubbers, Shumani has you covered. Our industrial floor cleaning machines are not only reliable but built to be very durable and long-lasting, able to handle any workload with ease.

Our Products

Our industrial cleaning equipment includes industrial vacuums, sweepers, road sweepers, jetting equipment, scrubbers, industrial vacuums, single discs, janitorial equipment, carpet extractions,  cleaners, and chemicals.

Industrial Vacuums

Industrial vacuums can be used in a number of different environments where proper cleaning is needed. You can choose from a wide range of air powered, industrial single phase, professional wet and dry, and certified explosion proof machines. Industrial vacuums are powerful, durable and ideal for areas that require thorough cleaning.

Industrial Sweepers

Our robust and reliable sweepers are suited for a range of different applications. They are designed to get the job done with effective dust control features, maximising effectiveness for both inside- and outside cleaning. These industrial sweepers can handle the toughest jobs, whether you are in the mining, industrial or retail industry.

Road Sweepers

Mechanical street sweepers are very effective in picking up debris and filtering particles to ensure a dust-free cleaning environment. Street sweepers can pick up large amounts of waste and can handle a large workload with ease.  Road sweepers have a great loading capacity and can pick up huge amounts of waste. There are also diesel versions available that offer low emissions and adhere to all the required safety measures.

Jetting Equipment

At Shumani we offer high-performance jetting equipment as part of our industrial cleaning equipment range. Our jetting equipment is very powerful and can be used in a variety of applications, often in the cleaning of sewers. Jetting equipment provides the highest quality performance to get the job done quickly and effectively. Our jetting machines are sturdy and powerful, and specifically designed for industrial cleaning.


At Shumani we offer a selection of industrial and commercial scrubbers that deliver award-winning environmental cleaning solutions. This includes the powerful Tennant scrubber, which is known for its effectiveness and durable construction. Scrubbers are ideal for floors that require regular hygienic scrubbing to ensure cleanliness.

Our cleaning equipment is durable, reliable and made from high-quality components to ensure the best performance and value for money. With popular brand names and a wide variety of industrial cleaning machines, Shumani Industrial Equipment is a leading supplier of commercial scrubbers in South Africa.

Carpet Extractions

Shumani Industrial Equipment offers reliable are extractors that are ideal for any environment; from smaller, hand-held portable extractors, to ride-on dual technology extractors. Carpet extractors and upholstery cleaners are ideal to keep your furniture looking as good as new, complete with heated water options and up to 500 psi pressure. 

Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines

Our industrial floor cleaning machines are ideal for almost any surface and can handle heavy cleaning with ease. We provide a range of floor cleaning machines that are able to pull deep cleaning, stepping, polishing, and washing on a number of different surfaces. You can use these machines to clean anything from textile flooring to label cement and even marble.

There are many benefits to industrial cleaning equipment rental, as it offers you an affordable way of getting the equipment you need, including high-level customer support as well as technical product support. Cleaning equipment rental is ideal for many businesses in a variety of industries, especially for organisations where cleaning is not their main business.

With Shumani Industrial you can choose from a selection of cleaning equipment for sale, offering you a cost-effective alternative to renting equipment. Our machines are ideal for a variety of industries, from manufacturing to construction, and even retail.

In addition to our reliable cleaning equipment for sale, we also offer warehousing equipment, access equipment, compact construction equipment, compressors, generators and a variety of agricultural equipment.

Our range of compressor equipment includes vacuums, pumps, water separators and more. We offer the highest level of technical and customer support for all our products, making Shumani Industrial a leader in the industry and the only 51% Black Owned supplier of industrial equipment in South Africa.

For more information about our cleaning equipment for sale, please get in touch.


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