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Engines, Generators and Agricultural Equipment

Shumani Industrial Equipment, your 51% Black Owned Company, supplies construction equipment, engines, water pumps and welders, generators, firefighters, agricultural equipment, firefighters and ride-on lawnmowers brought in by some of the world’s largest equipment manufacturing giants.

Some of the popular brands we carry include Subaru, Lutian, H-Power, Meiwa, and Vibracon. This will give you security and peace of mind when choosing the best machine for your specific needs. Plus, our equipment is backed by a nationwide dealer network and this means you’ll receive high-quality service and support throughout the entire process.

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Generators & Welders

We offer a selection of petrol and diesel generators that are powerful and reliable.  This includes the Lutian LT2500S petrol generator, as well as the popular Lutian d5GF-MEF4 diesel generator. Industrial generators have many benefits, including the ability to seamlessly do business wherever you are, regardless whether you have power or not.

Another benefit of portable, industrial generators is that you can prevent inventory from spoiling and keep your business running as usual. With no halt in production, you won’t have any additional expenses or losses, making generators an important part of any business.

If you are looking for high-performing generators for sale, Shumani has all the products you need. We’ll help you choose the right solution for your needs based on your unique requirements, budget and industry.

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At Shumani Industrial, we have a wide range of powerful, energy-efficient engines for various applications. Our engines are affordable, reliable and made specifically for construction companies, hire companies and more.

Our range of engines includes both petrol and diesel versions from brands such as Lutian, Rato, H-Power, and Weima. We have electric start options available as well as reduction gearbox engines. Our products are suitable for heavy-duty applications such as construction, agricultural, and industrial uses.

An example of a few popular engines includes the Rato petrol lawnmower engine and the powerful Lutian petrol engine.

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Fire Fighters

Firefighters rely on high-performing, durable engines, and generators from Shumani Industrial Equipment. Our engines are reliable, available in both petrol and diesel versions, and ideal for the firefighting industry where performance and on-demand reliability are key to success.

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Water Pumps

Shumani Industrial Equipment supplies high-quality water pumps for various industries. Water pumps are essential to many industries, including mining, construction and agricultural use. Our high-quality water pumps are available in diesel and petrol and covers trash, clear water, slurry pumping and chemical pumping, which includes water pumping and fertilizers.

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High-Pressure Washers

At Shumani Industrial Equipment we supply a range of high-pressure washers which are ideal for hire companies, bakkie builders, and construction companies. Our washers are available in petrol, diesel, and electric, and our range includes 100BAR up to 248BAR. These washers offer up to 25 litres per minutes. Our high-pressure washers can be used in applications such as earth moving equipment cleaning, taxi cleaning, car washes and farm implement cleaning.

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