Despite 2019 being a tough year for business, Shumani Industrial Equipment has maintained its market-leading position by continuing to innovate in the equipment and services it offers, and maintaining longstanding relationships with its key customers. “Without the ongoing support of our customers, we would be unable to sell new equipment in the current economic environment,” MD Victor Nemukula comments.

Indeed, this is the major challenge facing the industry at present, with customers increasingly looking to rental options as opposed to acquiring new equipment. Not only does this reduce the risk, it also gives customers a single point of contact in terms of maintenance and support. “We must always strive to listen to what our customers want, in order for us to be able to provide them with complete solutions,” Nemukula stresses.

Looking to 2020, Nemukula reveals that Shumani’s strategy for sustainable growth is to focus on sectors offering the greatest potential going forward. At present, these are forklifts for materials handling applications, as well as cleaning equipment. “We anticipate that economic conditions will be a bit smoother next year, which will help generate new business and orders.”

Another key focus is to continue to add new products and brands to Shumani’s diverse offering in the short term, thereby expanding its footprint and market reach quite considerably. What continues to give the equipment supplier a leading edge in the market is that it remains the only black-owned and managed company of its size.

“In the five years we have been in existence, we have seen some transformation in the materials-handling industry, but not nearly enough. There is definitely a huge opportunity for additional transformation in this space,” Nemukula stresses.

Shumani Industrial Equipment is a 51% black-owned and managed industrial equipment supplier. It offers a ‘one-stop’ solution for forklifts and materials handling, cleaning, access, and compact construction equipment, as well as engines, generators, agricultural equipment, and compressed air solutions.

“Our vision is to be the leading black-owned and managed ‘one-stop’ supplier of world-class industrial and construction equipment in Southern Africa. We are driven by our long-term commitment to providing our customers with ideal products for their unique requirements, supported by unparalleled aftersales service to ensure maximum uptime and quick return on investment,” Shumani Industrial Equipment Service Admin Manager Allesha Maniram concludes.