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Industrial Cleaning beyond expectations

Shumani supplies quality equipment to contract cleaners and end-users for sale or rented across various segments and applications including carpets, shop floors, retail centres, warehouses, roads, hotels, mines, airports and runways. Our range of equipment includes Commercial Equipment (Small Vacuum Machines, Walk-behind & Ride-on Sweepers and Scrubbers, High Pressure Cleaners), Large Vacuum Trucks and Road Sweepers.

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Small Vacuum Machines

Wide range of commercial vacuums stocked that will live up to any task, no matter how messy. Choose from vacuums to suit the requirements of any contract cleaning, industry, trade or workshop environment. The range of commercial vacuums that Shumani has to offer can provide cleaning solutions for dry dirt, slime or water and damp areas.

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Walk behind sweeper scrubber

Walk-behind & Ride-on Sweepers and Scrubbers

For the deepest clean indoors or outdoors, you need a heavy-duty piece of equipment that can take care of it all with ease and efficiency. Look no further than Shumani, where you can find an exclusive line of Tennant sweeper scrubber combination machines that will get the job done for you in just one pass.

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High Pressure Cleaners

Hot or cold water, our world-class range of high-pressure cleaners offer the perfect solution for every cleaning task. The rugged and durable which perfectly combines power and ergonomics with safety and easy of use.

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Vacuum truck

Large Vacuum Trucks

When you need the most powerful machines around, Shumani offers a complete range of high vacuum units from a leading world class brand, Highpoint Vacuum. These powerful and efficient tankers are designed for the heaviest duty applications and to vacuum up and recover a wide range of different material, from dry bulk powders to liquids, solids, thick sludge and slurries, all while leaving the surface safe and clean.

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Road Sweepers

Shumani is proud to supply robust and reliable street sweepers from world renowned brands Tennant, Sentinel, and Green Machine. Each road sweeper is designed to provide you with the quietest, most dependable outdoor cleaning. You can clean up any public area at any time of the day without disturbing anyone in the area. Take care of parking lots and garages, municipalities, and outdoor airport cleaning with these powerful and reliable sweepers.

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