Wastecon 2018 comes a time when cities and towns battle to keep roads, pavements and other hard surfaces clean and free from debris. To help municipalities get the better of litter struggles, Shumani will showcase its innovative MACRO M60 road sweeper at the show.    

Shumani Industrial Equipment will be exhibiting at Wastecon 2018 (Stand No Stand E8), a premier showcase of best practice African waste management solutions, which will take place at Emperor’s Palace from 15-18 October.

Victor Nemukula, Director at Shumani, says this year’s event comes at a time when South African cities and municipalities continue to grapple with waste minimisation and landfill issues. Landfilling is the current and most common method of solid waste disposal in South Africa and the practice is not sustainable. Therefore, cities need to develop alternative waste management alternatives.

However, apart from landfilling, municipalities are battling with increased littering, which has become an environmental issue, not only in South Africa, but across many countries around the world. To get the better of the problem, municipalities are looking at innovative technologies, such as road sweepers to get the better of the littering conundrum. With that in mind, Shumani will be showcasing its MACRO M60 road sweeper at Wastecon.

“We have chosen to exhibit the MACRO M60 road sweeper at the show. The product is the right solution for keeping our city roads and streets clean at minimum costs,” explains Nemukula. “It speaks directly to metropolitan municipalities and big towns such as Nelspruit, Polokwane and Kimberly, among others, as well as authorities such as SANRAL.”

MACRO street sweepers are the most advanced and performing machines for continuous professional use currently available on the market. For years, MACRO technology has focused on four objectives: simple use, consumption reduction, low environmental impact and fast return on investment.

With the MACRO M60, large volumes of dry waste can be collected. Its 6 m³ hopper and 6 000 kg payload is the highest capacity on the market, allowing long working shifts. “The machine also offers exclusive capability to sweep in unbalanced conditions like sidewalks. The system allows to sweep on bumps with no operator’s action required,” explains Nemukula.

The MACRO M60 uses a mechanical suction system. The waste is collected by the mechanical action of the side and central brushes, as well as the vertical loading conveyor. The suction is only aimed at capturing the dust as soon as it’s raised up from the floor. The suction is optimised to allow the full suppression of dusts thanks to large surface filter.

“Other exciting features include the four-wheel steering which gives the M60 excellent manoeuvrability in all working conditions; a fully adjustable third front brush that allows to sweep 180° left and right side; and the ability to dump at any height between 1,1 and 2,3 m,” concludes Nemukula.